[lyrics][Song of the week] Eternal Rain: “Because I Was Too Hot.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

So the “I’m too hot” mystery statement is solved. And it makes perfect sense.

As you saw, finding lyrics for our latest Song of the Week on the Internet was a no-go. Thank goodness Terri has the Eternal Rain album—what a lifesaver (thanks, chingu!). She scanned the Korean and Japanese lyrics from her album booklet, so that I could type up a hard copy of the Hangeul from that. Absolutely nothing good came from putting the Hangeul into any Internet translator—yuck—and so then it was our colleague JungBae to my rescue, from HelloKPop. (Thanks Jung! You are made of Awesome, buddy.)

Here are the English, Korean, and Japanese lyrics to Track 7, “Because I Was Too Hot” on the Eternal Rain album (his second album released in Japan) in 2006. Hope everyone enjoys them.

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com

Video courtesy of happym7 @YT.

~ by Cloud USA on January 30, 2012.

16 Responses to “[lyrics][Song of the week] Eternal Rain: “Because I Was Too Hot.””

  1. Thanks for posting this!!! I never knew what he was saying and now I know. The lyrics makes me wonder what happen to make her want to break up with him. I wonder what he meant by this line:

    “To show you how much I loved, I ended up hurting you”

    Did he love her too much, or what?


    • Well, Flower (and others…),

      To me the song is saying that the boy’s love with the girl was way too intense. It was “too hot,” like fire, and it ended up “burning her feelings away.”

      You know those kind of relationships. You meet this guy and he’s, like, really intense and passionate and super great? And at first it’s totally amazing, ’cause he’s SO sweet and attentive, and maybe you’ve never had anyone treat you that way before? So, it’s really special?

      But then, at some point, you realize that he’s WAY too intense, WAY too serious. And it’s moving WAY too fast. And you suddenly feel like you’re suffocating, and you realize that maybe you’re in for a lot more than you bargained for . So, you suddenly find yourself pushing him away, wanting to find a way out of the relationship.

      I think that’s what the song is saying. It’s not that the boy did anything particularly bad to the girl, but by nature he was just too much for her to deal with. And now the boy knows he’s losing her and he’s desperate and confused. So, he’s like, “I don’t get it! What the hell did I do wrong?”

      Um. Not like I’ve had any experience with anything like that or anything. I’m just saying that’s what it sounds like to me. Yeah. :-}

      Terri :-}


      • In my comment I said I had been cheated on and I had no idea what he did and somethings are unforgiving. I have no idea what happen and if I did I wouldn’t say anyway. Hehehehehe
        But I don’t think it was that either I mean everything is open for interpretation right? But from my experience with Asian people their language seems backward compared to others and they don’t take as long to say what they mean.( please no one attack me for this because that’s not saying yours is wrong and ours is right, just different.)
        Anyway I think he was saying he loved her so much but now its as if he missed up and its like he’s burned away all her love for him. Not that he was overbearing in anyway. Whatever happened?


    • I agree with Terri. Too jealous. Too possessive. Too smothering. Which made for a lot of arguments. Girl’s love ended up dissolving into anger/fear and she took off. Bye bye.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Well yeah, this sounds close to what I thought I saw the lyrics to mean. I agree this would totally turn me off. Sorry, girly I was wrong, maybe you needed to get away (SMILES). The closest I’ve ever come to the “feeling the need to escape” feeling was back in high school and then in my early twenties. Both were guys who were NOT boyfriends but wanted to be and asked me to the point of NAUSEA to go out. I wanted scream to the top of my lungs….I Don’t Want You….Leave Me Alone….Damn!! I went on a “mercy” lunch date with the one guy in my twenties JUST to stop him from asking me out everyday. Finally, I just couldn’t take it. I had to give him the age old statement……Dude, we can only be friends. So not what he wanted to hear. (*Kekekekekeke*) He had THE nerve to get mad. Oh well…………….(SMILES)


  2. WOW! Thanx for sharing it!



    Thanks so much, I love this song and the words are so true. Been there done that.


  4. Just reading the lyrics, I just have to say one thing. Stupid, stupid girl….whoever you were. I’m not saying all, but a lot of his songs are autobiographical to a degree on his part and if this is one of those songs….kicking yourself now Ain’tcha girl? (SMILES)

    Look at pretty Baby Love in that shadow backgroud….looking all sweet and “innocent.” (SMILES)


    • Hey BiA~ The only reason I can’t agree with this statement is the girl he’s singing about I’ve been that girl, but in my case the guy cheated on me, and I’m sorry I just can’t come back from that I’ve tried. So I don’t know what he did but some things are just unforgiving no matter who you are. Sorry JiHoon but you know I love you baby.


      • Hey Lotus. I have to go back and read these lyrics again. If he’s talking about take me back after he cheated, then of course that would be incredibly difficult for anyone to come back from….Very Few people can. It just seemed like this was a girl he was really into and he tried to be with her, but she kept pushing him away til she finally just wanted out. Let me wipe my glasses and read that puppy again.

        Hey lady, we’ve ALL had our challenges in the love department…..Believe me! (SMILES)


  5. Girl I just don’t know how to express how awesome I think you guys are. So cool. Now I know what one of my favorite Rain song says. He rolls that song with beat and voice. Thanks so much. You guys are on it. I can’t wait to meet Rain and tell him all about you all. lmao


    • LOL You’re very welcome, Gee. I’m really glad we had some time and it certainly did need doing. I was really curious. (And talk about a pleasant distraction for me, um-hmm.) 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


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