Awesome K-Pop Moment of the Week: B.A.P.’s Warrior

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

For those of you who have been living under a rock (translation: only looking at Rain or MBLAQ stuff), did you know that a new boy group called B.A.P, from TS Entertainment debuted a few days ago?  Yes, B.A.P is making a huge splash on the K-Pop scene in South Korea right now.  Why?  Because they’ve totally got it goin’ ON.  That’s why.

Which is also why Cloud USA has chosen B.A.P’s new music video of their song, Warrior, as our Awesome K-Pop Moment of the Week.

[Video courtesy of TS Entertainment]

The group’s name, B.A.P, is an acronym for “Best, Absolute, Perfect,” and for once in my life, I wholeheartedly agree.  Every performance I’ve watched of these guys absolutely screams “the best.”  In Korean, the word bap means “food” or “rice”.  And after watching them for awhile, I am totally buying into the concept that B.A.P will be a serious source of sustenance for their fans.  Clever.

In my humble opinion, the makers of this MV did everything absolutely right.  The  production values are awesome.  The combination of hip-hop and dub-step elements gave me an exciting rush.  The Deadmau5-looking creepy bunny, the skulls, the sledgehammering and the other stark elements of the staging created an ominous warrior-like feel that was perfect for the song without making it too dark for a group with members as young as these guys are.  The strong vocals, the incredible choreography, the costuming, the styling mesmerizes.

Even the lyrics of the song are spectacular.  Despite the obviously promotional elements presented at the beginning of the MV, the song is cleverly deceptive (as is most hip-hop).  But if you’re listening carefully, then you can easily imagine a country full of soldiers being oppressed by living under the constant threat of war, a country in desperate need of youthful rebellion.  Intriguing words coming from a South Korean boy group, don’t you think?  Kudos to the collaborators of this song:

  • Lyricists: Gang Ji Won, Gim Gi Beom, Bang Yong Guk
  • Composers: Gang Ji Won, Gim Gi Beom
  • Arrangement: Gang Ji Won

The only complaint I had was with the ending.  What is it with these boy groups and killing somebody off at the end of their music videos?  I mean, why is that necessary?  Sigh.

Another thing that also impressed me was TS Entertainment’s handling of B.A.P’s promotional activities.  The pre-debut buzz on these guys was so strong that they were able to perform their debut showcase in front of 3,000 Korean and international fans.  Not only did TS Entertainment create a nice website for the boys under their label, but they also created a facebook page, and a RootBand page as well.

Currently, they are also featuring Warrior on their YouTube channel.  And believe it or not, their album is now available for purchase on iTunes. Imagine that.  Other companies would do well to emulate TS Entertainment with their own groups (J.Tune Camp and Rainy Entertainment, are you listening?).

Congratulations to B.A.P and T S Entertainment for a job well done.  Go forth and conquer.

Terri :-}

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Sources: TS Entertainment

~ by Cloud USA on January 29, 2012.

14 Responses to “Awesome K-Pop Moment of the Week: B.A.P.’s Warrior”

  1. yessssss,they are amazing & I’m glad to see them:a new boyband which is maybe one of the best so far!!!when I was watching them on kbs music bank I was like: :O!!!!they are amazing
    The song is beautifully made & dance moves are fantastic & they have powerfull vocalists & amazing rappers!!!


    • Rose,

      Me too! Isn’t it an awesome song? Did you know that the song was composed by Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum (who wrote Secret’s Madonna, Shy Boy, and Starlight Moonlight). The choreographer was Park Sang Hyun from the dance team Play. He also choreographed Magic, Shy Boy, and Starlight Moonlight.

      And the Warrior MV was directed by Hong Won Ki, who also directed SNSD’s The Boys, Seo Taiji’s Moai, and BEAST’s Shock.

      I really think that the entire team outdid themselves with their work on Warrior, though.

      Terri :-}


  2. they are very good live performers


  3. Now that I am in contact with more people who loves kpop in Puerto Rico, I have a better perspective on it so I’m sorry but they are not my kind of thing yet. I say yet cuz maybe I would like their next single or album. Kpop groups change so much their images, concepts, etc. that is possible. For now, I don’t like they are all blond cuz maybe they are going for the “warrior image” but to introduce them I think it was a bad idea. How you’re gonna get each member to be in touch with their audience if they are all similar? Also, the concept of the warrior they are trying to present is a bit off for me. To top it all, the idea of all of them killing one at the end just left me with a bad taste. I appreciate TS Ent. marketing and the fact they are in Itunes. These days ITunes is a must if you wanna get everywhere with your music. The new group I am waiting for is Exo. SM Ent. is giving them lots of marketing with teasers (maybe too much teasers!) of each member or two members and I already have a favorite. That is effective
    promo to me! I know SM Ent. have a bad image and all but they are marketing their groups, doing concerts around the world and getting them out there. JYP should do the same with all their groups and not only with the Wonder Girls.


  4. Cool concept ☆. Yes, they remind us to BingBang but WTH! Black eyeliner…umhh sexy!. All being blonde… It´s not that they will be blonde in all of their coming albums, so, I like it! (Besides, I never could get on that level of bleaching without ending up completly bold haha!! Good for them!). The sound is powerful as has been said, yes. And, oh by the way, despite me coming out after been under the rock, Bi is in my DNA, I hope I make myself clear on this matter haha!

    Adriana ☆


    • LOL, Adriana.

      Yes, I think that it is clear where I stand too, especially since I did happen to create a site called Cloud USA specifically for Rain, right? ;-}

      Terri :-}


      • Precisely, Terri,
        You see, Lord has given us MBlaq´s LeeJoon.., B2ST´s KiKwang, Infinite´s WooHyun, Shinee´s Key Kim Kibum. But overall, he gave us JungJiHoon to enlighten our existance and for the sake of my brain to generate serotonin. Result: True Devotion☆

        Adriana ☆


  5. They are good… but you know what? They awefully remind me of Bigbang. Seriously. The voice setups, especially that deep voiced guy, he awefully looks like TOP. And why on Erath do they have to be all blond? *.* The music is very good and it’s a powerful start but I can’t shake the feeling that TS Ent is trying to make another Bigbang.


    • Teemeah,

      Yes, they do sort of remind me of BigBang, but much more hip-hop oriented.

      And I think they had them all be blond because they were trying to make them less individualized and more “warrior” or soldier-like.

      Terri :-}


  6. eh? EXCUSE ME!


  7. ook Ive been under the rock LOL, Ill have to chk them but I did find out the group SNSD will be on David Letterman Tues. Ill be watching 🙂


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