3 Responses to “[past fan account] Instead of acting like a star, Rain was easygoing and friendly. A real person.”

  1. Thanks for posting this great fan account! (and thank you to Freya for sharing it!)
    Once I met a crew member from Speed Racer at the airport wearing a Speed Racer T-shirt. When I commented on the shirt and told him I was a Rain fan, he exclaimed, “He’s such a nice guy!” He told us Rain used to eat with the crew to practice his English and everyone really liked him.


  2. Is great to know he left such a good impression on the set but knowing Rain, is no surprise to me. He’s the kind of person you don’t forget!! 😀


  3. Ohhh”” . this is my last comment today because I was late lol. I have to go!!….But whatever one fine morning with all the videos and reports. How exciting! How wonderful to see Rain, even for a moment, I’ll die of happiness!
    Thanks beautiful report!! 🙂


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