[fan made][compilation] The deadly Golden Zipper cometh yet AGAIN.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(put “Golden Zipper” in our media blog search box and see how many posts it’s already in, I dare you)

Well, JiHoon dear, you brought this on yourself. You had to know that as much as you’ve been throwing Your Goods both at all of us and all over the place since ADIEU! 2010, someone was bound to put a rare video delicacy like this together. It was inevitable. (And you’re probably thrilled to see it, you’re not fooling anybody, you charmer LOL)

Looks like another one for our It’s Hot In Here page. Aiy, papi. @__@

Have a bucket of ice water sitting by your chairs for this one, Clouds. Hoonie is on fahhhhh-yahhh. ^@@^

[There’s no mistaking what he’s selling here. It ain’t Girl Scout cookies, that’s for sure. heheheh — Terri :-} ]

Rain 2011 The Best Show _ 난 또 니가 좋은거야( I love you again)_highlight dance. (courtesy of  cogns0526 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on January 27, 2012.

11 Responses to “[fan made][compilation] The deadly Golden Zipper cometh yet AGAIN.”

  1. LOL.

    He’s so cute, and such an honest performer.

    Those little fits of astonished delight he displays sometimes, when one of his quirky moves or cute expressions pulls the audience in completely, tells me that he is still having fun doing what he is doing for a living–even though he has been doing it for years now. That is spectacular, because there’s absolutely NOTHING worse than watching an artist perform who has clearly become jaded and bored with his job.

    It is also during these unguarded moments that we sometimes get a glimpse of what I think is the real man behind the mask called Rain. When an artist can be as honest as that, when he can truly open himself up to his fans, is it any wonder that most of us would follow him to the ends of the earth?

    Terri :-}


  2. tha GOODS……….sizzlin’


  3. That was hot!


  4. OMG!! LMAO!!! ROFL!!! Oh geezz I soo needed that laugh attack!! Lol!! Only Rain can pull that off with such an “angelic face”!! Damn, I miss that naughty face! I wanna see what “moves” he comes up when he comes back. Arghh I’m gonna die!! Congrats to the person who made the video cuz is amazing! Thanks for posting! 😀


    • Mm-hm. Like “what did I do?” The little devil. With his hyungs working up a hard sweat behind him while he simply ad-libs and goofs off and tries to charm the pants off of everybody up front. What a ham. LOL No wonder they used to try to insist that he do “Rainism” completely from the back instead. LOLOL Hilarious, the adventures of Rain and his Crew… 🙂



      • Yeah, he destroys every women who dares to look at him with that smile!! You HAVE TO smile back stupidly and watch your step so you don’t fall in front of him!! LMAO!! Oh Lord!!


  5. Rain, you nasty boy. Call me Miss Gee. lol


  6. (*auctioneer’s gavel slams down*)…..SOLD!! To the little chocolate Noona from Texas…..(Down South…Mmm Hmm…Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!)



  7. WOW!!!! Amazing collection! Rain is so HOT!!! ssss
    He really knows it how to drive the girls crazy! 🙂
    In the last minute he is so sweetie and cutie! 🙂
    Thax for sharing it!


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