[article] A Long Drought (or, when your Ultimate Bias reports to the MMA.)

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Rain Salutes his fans as he reports to the ROK MMA for his 2 year military duty (Source: http://twitpic.com/6ymqkl#.TpPLh4msmv0.facebook; @RainCloudBi)

KPop Kollective 10/11/2011 — written by KDK

A Long Drought (or, when your Ultimate Bias reports to the MMA.)

I didn’t really care about it when it was Hyun Bin. I was slightly waylaid when The Heech did it suddenly. But now, it’s personal.  About thirty minutes ago, Jung Ji Hoon (Rain/비) reported to the Republic of Korea’s Military Manpower Association (MMA) to begin his mandatory two-year conscription.  As I write this, I’m listening to “Instead of Saying Goodbye” and trying not to weep like a school-girl.  Much to my surprise, I think the school-girl in me may win.

As you all know, Rain is my ultimate bias. Besides his dual personality of strong and sweet masculinities, his music got me through some wily times of transition. In particular, his song “My Way” became my anthem in late 2010. A song about Rain’s own path to self-actualization and an announcement of his motto (Endless effort, Endless endurance, Endless modesty), as I played this song over and over again, it ended up as a soundtrack to positive changes in my own life.  It sounds cheesy when I write this, but it was Rain’s music that made me feel like I, too, was free to make my own path (something that I’d forgotten, apparently). And I have – these past two years (the same two years I’ve been listening to Kpop) have been witness to many a change and the realization of dreams and goals.

When folks find out that I like kpop and I tell them Rain is my favorite, they often ask me, “why Rain?” Now, I’m not going to lie and say “abs? what abs?,” and the fact is, I like Rain because he works HARD. Like, HARD. At first it was all “dang, he is killing it on that song ‘Ways to Avoid the Sun,’” but then I started finding videos about his childhood. About him losing his mom. About his tortuous audition with Jin Young Park… not to mention the tom-foolery that none of us would put up with for a movie.   As we move forward in his head-spinning career, we then see of course, that when it comes to the ever-growing transnational nature of Kpop, the fact is that Rain did it all FIRST. It is not lost on me that while the KPK is planning to head to SMTOWN NYC at Madison Square Garden, it was Rain who did it first. It is also not lost on me that while G.NA, Beast and 4Minute visited MTV(K) and were broadcast yesterday, Rain…did it first…for MTV’s Total Request Live (that’s MTV America, y’all).  The first Korean artist to pull a actor/singer/dancer career off ? Hmm mmm, yea, that’s Rain. Let’s not even get into Ninja Assassin Lots of folks were surprised to know that he was a star in his own right before he snagged the role of Raizo – including his co-star

I also like Rain because he is smart. Like, SMART. As they say on Tumblr, I SEE WHAT U DID THERE, Rain. He worked the star and military systems like a boss. You see how he worked on a film that afforded him Air Force Training? You see how he wrapped up filming for The Red Muffler/Soar into the Sky/Take Off: Closer to the Sun/WHATEVER IT’S CALLED right before he reported to MMA?! Did you see that?! Yea, that movie won’t release til next year sometime…so he will be in the public eye, as a celebrity, WHILE HE’S SERVING IN THE MILITARY! My UB is a  business *genius*.  I’m not even going to get started on the founding of J.Tune Entertainment or the care and feeding of the hot group, MBLAQ!

This is the thing: I don’t know why I feel compelled to even write about this. It’s not like I didn’t know he was going to go. He’s a Korean male and a Korean citizen; therefore he *must* report. I saw all the reports saying when he was going to head to the military, including the one saying exactly when he was going to go! It just didn’t seem real, I suppose. Seeing him up on that stage at the military gate thanking the fans for their support just did me in. I just kept thinking Color Purple style: “What us gon’ do?!” My only hope is that as much as we’ve seen The Heech here, there, and everywhere in the past few weeks, SURELY Rain will be coming to us live once a week, telling us all about how they hooked him up with his own barracks, mess hall, and laid-out latrine…right? …Right?!


Perhaps you’ve already gone through this with your favorite idol(s). If you have, how did you deal? I mean, I have all of Rain’s music, of course, and I’ve saved all of his videos in special YouTube playlists…and of course when his new movie is available, I’ll watch it as soon as I’m able to. For now, I’m going to do my best to not retreat into a closet with my Ninja Assassin DVD, Rainism CD, and a couple of green glass bottles.

And to Rain, I know your family is proud of you, and that you’ll do your best to train and protect your fellow citizens and defend the Land of the Morning Calm. The KPK – and I – will be here when you return.

FIGHTING (For Real),


Source site: KPop Kollective

~ by Cloud USA on January 27, 2012.

8 Responses to “[article] A Long Drought (or, when your Ultimate Bias reports to the MMA.)”

  1. I completely understand. Rain was intro to Kpop via Ninja Assassin and he is still my ultimate bias. I love him for his incredible stage presence and his amazing modesty. Everyone he works with has good things to say about him being kind and hard working. His costar in I’m a cyborg said he was the most gentle man she had ever met. I can’t help but love him and I know all of his clouds feel the same way.


  2. OMG~!!
    NEUUUNEEEEEEEEEE .. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IT amazing Article and encourage of Rain fan u have in him what more touching he your speak the TRUE and told what he truly amaze all his fan for who step in sensational for LONG Time what touch me more is that every work u state about so true and yes they need to OPEN up their and learn from Rain have became to became WORLD STAR it not easy passe for Rain either ….
    and YEA,…. this is What Rain have captured our feelings exactly!! Rain is the best@@ who ever regret what he do and know in this world as for i will speak my word for Rain not to mention he perfect at what he do who he and dancer, singer actor, ect… but apparently he personal and HARD-WORKER will always BLOW U away what ever he do he always make his fan capture his heart and inspire what is called Rain,,and yes you are so RIGHT about Rain he is
    FIRST of K-pop sensation who have bring a lot experience teach new generation to became and see what Rain do not just but he also republish in his own book for i not wrong ahahaha
    and nothing can compare to him that bottom line i speak that for sure…
    and yes i also agreed what u said about Rain is more than abs, he is a wonderful human being and a great artist, very professional and very talent that everybody are looking up to his new image everyday ekekekek what more impress me that rain love all his fan and cloud that what make me to became his fan and yes he even give straight and give all his fan and shake their Rain bow and respect to each one of that why so many fan across region so DEVOTE to him …and he is GOOD EXCELLENT actor as well the new movie going to come i think i MARCH …2012
    i can’t wait to see it and i am die hard for his new Album as soon he discharge 2013 ekekek thank share us this TOUCHING word and share us here i envy what u speak and truly fan of Rain !! 🙂 KUDO ….!!


  3. An amazing reading!! She captured our feelings exactly!! Rain is the best, the one and only!! He has teached me to live, to enjoy life and receive the bad with a smile. That’s pretty profound for a singer, don’t you think? I’m so grateful for finding him and this site cuz even when I miss him, I can come here and remember all he’s done. I’m happy that kpop is doing so well around the world but she’s right, Rain did it first, he opened the door so at the long run they should thank him for that. When Rain comes back Kpop will be, hopefully, recognize in the whole world so he will step on that wave and own it cuz I know he’s gonna come with new music, new moves and a hell of a military experience to take on Hollywood and shake it hard. I’m gonna take some popcorn, sit back and watch cuz it’s gonna be awesome!!


    • She did, didn’t she, Mari? Hit the nail right on the head, she did.

      LOL. I’m so sorry, but I simply have to share this insane fan moment from a 2PM signing event. I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon it now. But I’m feeling the need to make you all suffer with me.

      All I have to say is I hope that we Clouds can stay just a teensy weensy bit calmer than this poor girl if we ever get to meet Rain at such an event. Good grief. LOL.

      Terri :-}


  4. Love the way you expressed your feelings for Rain. You wrote it the way many of us feel. Thanks


  5. An excellent read.

    For those of you who haven’t been over to KPop Kollective yet, please do visit. It’s a terrific place.

    Terri :-}


  6. I really liked this report about Rain. I agree with many things that are written here, Rain is more than abs, he is a wonderful human being and a great artist, very professional. His story motivates many people and is a great example to follow. The major influence on my life and am grateful for having known him.

    Thank you for sharing this report and once again I see that chose the best. 🙂


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