Rain check.

— ^@@^

Just a little Random Rain Goodness from across the Rainiverse today. (courtesy of Rain Diary / Rain Love Song / Rain[eare])


More ruling the winter at Adidas. (Image: Alladidas / capture: ratoka)


Fresh MENtholatum shots. (Images: ratoka @The Cloud Photo Board)


A Soar: Into The Sun on-set shot courtesy of MovieWeek. (Image: ratoka @The Cloud Photo Board)


Hawai’ian Cloud fan art from January 18. (by BiGrrr @The Cloud Photo Board)

~ by Cloud USA on January 20, 2012.

4 Responses to “Rain check.”

  1. Love all the pics, gorgeous and hot!!!! The pics from the Mentholatum ad makes my heart race so fast every time I look at the!!!!!! I also love the adidas ad pics, he just look so young and fresh!!!!


  2. In all the photos Rain looks very handsome.:)


  3. Yumm these picts are so sexy!! Love the second one cuz THE HAIR looks perfect and he’s so focused. Sigh +.+ Oh Mentholatum I love you!! Rain look AMAZING in those promos! Every time I see one of those, my heart jumps in my chest cuz Rain’s body is perfect and I can only think oh geezz when Rain comes back we are gonna take a look at that georgeous man again that will be hotter than ever!! Wiiiii!!!! 😀


  4. I love these pics! Thanx! 🙂


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