7 Responses to “[soldier account][fan account] People continue to be impressed by Private JiHoon/Rain.”

  1. I am not surprised, Rain puts in 100 percent of whatever hes doing, nothing less, even the military. Im glad that the other soldiers admire him like his fans do and feel comfortable around him. Hes the Best of the Best like his concerts. Rain, love u and cant wait until July 10, 2013


  2. JiHoon is a very proud, dignified and confident man but also most gracious and humble. That’s why I love him and will always support him no matter what.


  3. so proud of our Jihoon


  4. Wow..Rain is awesome guy..not a suprise to hear that he is well respected and admired by peoples around him..


  5. Jihoon is impressive! We knew it…now they all know it!


  6. goshh.. what a really strong aura!! … :))


  7. He shines wherever it is. It is wonderful!! ★


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