Rain Ji Hoon Jung on Hollywood Stock Exchange

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Okay, so like this is the weirdest news I’ve ever found about Rain.  Really, it is.

There’s this web-based, multiplayer game, where players buy and sell “shares” of their favorite actors, directors, films and such.  It’s called the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

So, guess who I found on it?  Yep.  Rain himself.  His stock symbol is JHJUN.  I kid you not.

This would be really funny, except for one thing:  While HSX.com players are having fun predicting the next big thing, Hollywood executives are actually using information from this game for making advertising and promotion decisions and box office predictions.  Yes, you heard that right.

But why?  In the real world, the buying and selling of stocks and bonds affects the prices of securities.  Purchasing or selling shares on HSX.com also cause its stock prices to rise or fall—just like the “real” stock exchange.

According to HSX.com’s entry on Wikipedia, “in 2007, players on HSX.com correctly predicted 32 of the 39 major-category Oscar nominees and 7 out of 8 top-category winners.”  There is currently no verified citation listed for that quote, so I don’t know how true that is, but if what they are saying is true, then those are some astounding accuracy rates.

When it started, HSX.com used simulated money, called “H bucks,” but as of April 2010, the site began to allow people to invest real money for trades.  The real cash is still converted into H bucks, but it’s still the real deal.  Or maybe I should say the reel deal? :-}

When I checked tonight, Rain’s stock was worth $25.60 H bucks per share (or H$25.60).  To give you a comparison to work with, Taylor Lautner’s is worth H$176.12 per share.  Angelina Jolie’s is worth H$78.86.  To buy stock in individual stars, you use something called “Starbonds.”

In any event, you might want to go over to HSX.com and check out Ji Hoon’s listing for yourself.  Once he starts his U.S. activities again, I’m thinking this would be an interesting site to watch.  I’m also thinking it might be fun to invest a few H bucks into Ji Hoon (at the proper time, of course) and then sit back and watch what happens in Hollywood.  What do you all think?  😛

Sign up for the site was free, quick and easy.  I did it in about 30 seconds.  And they gave me $2,000,000 in H bucks to start me off.  Sweet!  I also earned H$10,000 more by answering a few really easy movie trivia questions.  There are trailers of upcoming films to watch and lots of interesting movie tidbits everywhere.  Looks like a lot of fun for movie buffs.

Terri :-}

P.S.  Well, I just bought over H$200,000 worth of Starbonds in Ji Hoon, and I am sad to have to report that his stock is on the downswing.  Apparently, he’s currently not a good investment.  I imagine that his current military service may have something to do with that.  Sigh.

by Terri@CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on January 15, 2012.

11 Responses to “Rain Ji Hoon Jung on Hollywood Stock Exchange”

  1. Yes, this does seem interesting and fun..I wouldnt mind getting in on this and from the looks of Jihoon profile on there, it seems has if it was made in 2009 when he was around..no telling if Jihoon oppa himself did it lol…I guess he wanted to get in on the fun too 😀


  2. yup this would be is stock value on this game or not at lease we know that Rain and give up all the HOLLYWOOD to cam to known and talk about Rain and found out the K_pop in Seoul in Hollywood that they stocking and make money oh yeah i bet that money game will be awesome if that is TRUE but even just a much fun and Rain can make more money alone his sensation here in Hollywood that it good to hear actually but we wait and see………. 🙂
    @ Terri
    may i ask u some question do u know WHEN ????????
    “FLIGHT CLOSE TO THE SUN coming out i mean what MONTH ???
    thank u ?
    please check u emil also i sent u something !!


    • Kongsao,

      The movie is supposed to be released at the end of this month, in January…unless something delays it, of course. That’s the word on the street, anyway.

      If that changes, we’ll let you know.

      Terri :-}


  3. This are interesting news! Thanks so much for bringing this info to us Terri! When the time comes, you know who’s gonna be playing the game right! Lol!! I’ll do almost anything for my beloved Baby Boo! You know I said almost anything cuz going nakey is out of the question! Lol!! But really, I’ve notice that lately Hollywood is getting desperate to make some good numbers in the box office cuz people is going less and less to see movies. The economy is bad so is no wonder they are using anyway possible to predict a good outcome. How I know they are desperate? Well, they are looking up old movies to remake, they are making more sequels, they are looking up books, manga and biographies for new stuff and there less and less new, unique movies with new themes. I think they should look up some korean dramas too for inspiration, right? kekekeke Is good to know we have a way to make some noice for Rain when he comes to Hollywood. 🙂


  4. interesting … game?
    when the price is down… it is time to buy usually ^^ im just learning too..


  5. lolssss I dont know if yu ever had a Myspace page but when I did I played the Own Your Friends game. I bought Rain’s official account put up by Rain USA and my friend and I were buying it back and forth. I got him worth over a million $$ keke..but I wonder who put him in the Stock Exchange game? Interesting


    • LOL,

      Good for you, Patrice. I wonder who put him in myself. I haven’t learned enough about HSX.com to know how it all works yet. But by the time he gets out of the military and in an upcoming Hollywood movie, I will know enough to invest.

      Course I guess I’d better try to get my portfolio to make money. Did you read some of those articles about selling portfolios? Looks like people have actually made money off selling their game portfolios on eBay. Wow. There’s a sucker born every minute. LOL.

      Terri :_}


  6. Whether JHJUN’s stock value is up or down, as long as he’s there, then I think it’s worth something to think about. Imagine a virtually unknown personality in Hollywood suddenly became a talk about artist for a while; hopefully will turn into a sensation once again when the right time comes. I’m looking forward to it w/ much anticipation.


    • I agree, Felisshi.

      I think the most interesting thing was that the powers-that-be in Hollywood look at HSX.com and include the players’ predictions to determine box office draw. If what the Wikipedia writers say is true, the players sure do know movie audiences. If you click on the business week article in the wiki sources, that writer seems to think that Hollywood uses HSX.com’s info too. http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/aug2006/tc20060804_618481.htm?chan=top+news_top+news

      That’s probably on the money, because producers are always desperate to figure out what will be a hit or miss at the box office. I guess the draw of the game is there is no real formula for success. It’s a gambling game.

      Terri :-}


      • Yep, it’s a gambling game alright. Buy low, sell high. Nothing’s guaranteed, however, Ji-Hoon I would stake money on. (SMILES)


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