Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Fresh Adidas Rain. (Images: DC Rain Gallery)


And a daily dose of RRG… 🙂

(courtesy of Rain Love Song)

~ by Cloud USA on January 11, 2012.

10 Responses to “Rain check.”

  1. Some of these pictures r from Jihoon’s drama A Love To Kill. And the first pic. I like them all .


  2. I loved that scene in A Love To Kill


  3. Soooo sweet!


  4. GOSH so hot and CASUAL look in that Adidas look what more can i said that just an fine wine i want to look and hug all nigh this guy even look HOTER in SPORT i just one day i can see that short boxer men he wearing i would love too some LEG ekekek HE EXPRESSION her are so entense ………LOVE that the men i love to thinking what he say in mind ahahaha 🙂


    • @Stephe or Terri
      ladies did u see Rain new Army pic he looking very GOOD & HEALTHY his body are perfect and his skin are clean and yet he look healthy then before his congratulation day did u see it NICE !!


  5. Wow love all the pics, so hot!!! Yes Rain as he gets older he gets sexier and sexier!!!! Also, he look so young in those Adidas ads.


  6. Aww that face breaks my heart! Rain is one of those few actors that can say tons with his face without saying a single word! Amazing!


  7. There’s no doubt that as he gets older, the sexiest he gets.


  8. Thanx for sharing! Lovely face!


  9. Love those! Oh so dreamy *sigh*


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