CJ Entertainment’s English translation of Rain’s upcoming blockbuster is Soar Into The Sun.

Written by: Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

CJ Entertainment‘s English translation of Rain’s upcoming blockbuster is Soar Into The Sun.

And what is the significance of that, you ask? It’s significant because they are the producer and the distributor of the film. They made the movie.

They are the Powers That Be. So when they say what the film is called, the buck stops with them.

The official title of Rain’s upcoming Korean “Top Gun” blockbuster is 비상 [飛上]: 태양가까이 (pronounced bisang [bisang]: taeyang-gakkai). It is Korean-made with a Korean title (not an English one) for a Korean audience. The “Flight: Close To The Sun” title came from English translations made by the media of the Korean articles written about the film, which was then spread by everyone else. Which is why there were different unofficial titles being batted around all over the place, Flight, Fly, Emergency, Soar Up, et cetera—비상 [飛上]: 태양가까이 can indeed translate into several different things depending on what translator you use, whether or not you’re a native Korean speaker, and who is doing the translating. And there was nothing wrong with that, really. English speakers needed some way to casually refer to the movie in our own language.

But all of that was unofficial. I’ve never heard CJ refer to the movie as “Flight: Close To The Sun”, just news sources and fans. The only official title that I’ve ever seen come from the movie’s Powers That Be was 비상 [飛上]: 태양가까이.

» Until this past October 2011.

In October, CJ released their upcoming 2011-2012 film line-up in English (which was a pretty awesome thing to do!), and their official English title for the movie is Soar Into The Sun. Which is rather exciting because with them doing this, could they be gearing up to distribute the movie in a few English-speaking countries as well? We’ve been contacting our local theaters in Atlanta and requesting the movie verbally and by email for months. How about you?

(Video credit: CJ E&M / CJ Entertainment / Upload courtesy of jiwonderland0628 @YT)

And on the English side of CJ’s official website (we have a permanent URL in our media blog sidebar to your right, under JIHOON’s ENDORSEMENTS), the title is reinforced on the Soar Into The Sun information pages.

Hopefully, when CJ finally fills in all the blanks and gets these pages up to speed, we’ll have a better indication of exactly when the movie is going to be released. Because guess what? The media doesn’t know squat. They’ve been merely guessing about the date in those articles they’ve been putting out.

(CLICK on images for larger view)

Could CJ change their mind and end up using the “Flight” translation? Sure. They certainly could. Nothing is written in stone in the movie industry. But until they do, it’s “Soar” to us. We’re calling it whatever the people who are making it are calling it. They’re the ones who have that say.

Now, we’re not telling you what to call it. Frankly, it’s not that big of a deal how it’s casually referred to in English-speaking circles, and everyone knows what movie you’re talking about anyway no matter what name you use (unless they’ve been living under a rock for the past year). So call it whatever.

But it never hurts to be on the same page when it comes to the official side of things.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on January 8, 2012.

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  1. I am so anxious to see his film!! Only have to wait … I’m dying! 🙂


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