[Awesome K-Pop Moment of the Week] Kids React to K-Pop

~Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Ah ha ha!  Outta the mouths of babes…and that’s all I’m sayin’.  This was pretty funny, especially if you really know American kids.  LOL.  If you want an extra chuckle when it’s over, then click on the “Deleted Reactions K-Pop” box.

[Note: No offense to K-Pop was intended with either the making of this video OR this post.  :-}]

Video Credits: Fine Brothers Productions on YouTube  (Okay, apparently the controversy has been resolved, because The Fine Brothers have not re-released the main K-Pop episode.  Below I have posted both the main and the bonus episodes for you.  Enjoy.)

Main Episode Video:

Deleted Footage Bonus Video (warning…uncensored…):

~ by Cloud USA on January 8, 2012.

23 Responses to “[Awesome K-Pop Moment of the Week] Kids React to K-Pop”

  1. I have no words .


  2. Okay everyone,

    The main episode became available again and so I posted it again.

    I just left the bonus video in place too. I figured why not. LOL.

    Terri :-}


  3. Wow, the video is gone already… i didn’t get a chance to see it 😦


  4. I thought a lot of these children’s answers were closed minded and solidified the whole “Americans think were better than everything else.” I mean the thing that got me was the kids saying “I dont understand what they’re saying, is it Bollywood?” I mean come on, just because something isnt “American” or “English” doesnt mean its not a respected craft. Hell where do they think there clothes are made and designed from?

    I mean it was funny it hear their answers but it just shows America has a looong way to go before accepting other cultures and nationalities. Even if they werent talking about Kpop I feel that they were being a little too “Im American and I dnt get it” about everything.

    But I guess that’s the whole thing, they’re kids….and not just any kids but American kids…….


    • PFN,

      Yep. American kids reflecting their parents’ close-minded beliefs. It’s also sort of a shock to see it come to light, isn’t it?

      I grew up in a household where the idea of studying and being interested in other countries and their languages and cultures was accepted and appreciated. My sons grew up in a similar household. :-} Sadly, most American kids aren’t so lucky.

      Even my nephew, who has been living with me for several years now, still has a long way to go when it comes to appreciating other cultures, as his parents didn’t expose him to anything but “White America” for the first 13 years of his life. I have to give him credit, though. He is a lot more confortable these days with my interest in all things foreign than he used to be. Still, he was baffled a few days ago, at the idea that I would actually want to go and pay to see a foreign film with subtitles.

      He actually asked, “Do people really do that? Go see foreign films? Like in real movie theaters?”

      I said, “Good grief. Of course they do. It’s fun.” LOL.

      At the time, I was talking to my parents about “Soar Into the Sun,” and telling them that I really hoped it would come to one of Atlanta’s foreign film venues, so I could see it on the big screen that it was intended for.

      The funny thing about the kids’ comments in the video was at the end, when they were asked if they would listen to this kind of music themselves, MOST of them said they would. I found that intriguing. They were also quite complimentary of the production values and the music itself. They just had to get over that first fear of something that was completely “foreign” to them. I actually don’t think that they would have been so put off if the songs had been in English (although I’ll bet there still would have been some comments made about ‘accents.”)

      Let this be a lesson to all of you Cloud parents out there. Expose your kids to the real world. Get out of your comfort zone and share your love of K-Pop and Korean (and other) culture(s) with your family and friends and their children.

      Terri :-}


      • Terri
        I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND. I don’t get why people are so shocked when a person has interest in something other than America! When I first started listening to Kpop and first found out about Rain, you would have thought I tried to open up the gates of hell so that Satan could take over! lol People thought I was the most craziest $%C@ they had ever met! Folks would have been 100 times more content id I had decided to have 4 or 5 kids by 4 or 5 different baby daddies. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NORMAL. Folks would have totally been okay with that. But NO how dare I listen to a music genre that I couldnt understand.

        HOW DARE I BE ATTRACTED TO AN ASIAN MAN! Even my mother thought I had gone bat s***. It took her a min to come to her senses and be okay with me liking the asian culture and Rain. Now she be trina look at Rain with a smirk on her face but im like “mama u betta back up off my man now!” lol

        But especially folks I worked with. They couldnt come to terms to why the hell I would think an Asian man was attractive. (I worked at Forever 21 so we always talked alot) Now when people found out I decided to move to Asia, AGAIN another wave of OMGOSH WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU GO OVER THERE came from everyones mouth. Why would I want to go with the “Chinese” knowing good and dang on well I never told them I was going to China but of course that american mentality that anything asian HAS to be Chinese. Even the reaction I got from my grandmother who I am extremely close with but who still refers to Asians as “Orientals” (God bless her heart lol) I couldnt believe the reaction that people had just because i wanted to open my mind and soul to more and experience the world.

        Also in the black community as women we are told to support the black the black family bla bla bla bullcrap. Thats fine and dandy but Ima like WHO EVER THE HELL I CHOOSE TO NO MATTER HIS COLOR. I should have that right as a human being. When I visit america late next year If i choose ima walk up arm in arm with WHATEVER race of man I CHOOSE TO! I cant believe the shock I got from just LIKING AN ASIAN ARTIST! Im like DAMN it aint like he’s my man or were dating. I tell ya folks are a trip! So as a woman of color im not intitled to fall in love with a race of man of my choice because society says its not normal?????
        (Whew sorry I had to get that one off my chest! 😉

        Yes the little (my mom had a word she used for smart a** kids that ended with an -er. lololol) runt boy in the black in white really got on my nerves too! I’m pretty sure at home his parents fill his head with lies like “Son you stick to the pure american ways, everyone else are just foreigners.” “You can have anything you want in this world, nothing is better than here.” Im pretty sure his head has been filled with stereotypes. He was very closed minded and arrogant for his young age. Its sad to see those characteristics in a child so young BUT the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…..


        • PFN,

          Thanks for your comment. I love your passion. Really I do. :-}

          Terri :-}


        • Amen lady, I do know the word…SMILES! I do believe you hit the nail on the head. Out of all the children, he was the most arrogant. Arrogant is definitely the word, I couldn’t see his comments as cute and precocious like some of the others.

          Hey don’t worry about what others think. I’m AA as well, so I understand the “It’s a Black Thang” as well. As far as me liking or having an interest in other cultures, it’s not unusual from my Immediate family’s perspective (My mom, late father, husband). My father would have understood Completely without question and would have engaged me more about my interest in the culture. Mom and hubbie to them, it’s not really what they would be into on a personal level, BUT they don’t knock me for liking it. I had hubbie listening to a CD made for me by a friend with various artists on it, several of whom were Asian k-pop and Rain on it also. Hubbie actually “let” me listen to the CD in the car the Whole time we were out and about without complaint. That was a “fete” in itself (SMILES). Will he become a K-pop fan….NO, but he knows I like it. He likes artists with that are “grittier.” Lord, now when he sees an Asian man…ANY Asian (i.e, at the grocery store, etc.) He say to me…there’s your people (Yeah, hubbie got jokes…SMILES). Those who will understand and be open, I would engage them. The ones you Know who will always be close-minded “F’em”, you like it so that’s all that matters. (SMILES)


    • PFN and Terri,

      I couldn’t agree more. I was raised to have an inquisitve mind not just when it came to other cultures, but just other things period outside of my own culture (AA) so watching foreign films and listening to music from other cultures feels “normal” to me. This is one reason I love Amazing Race so much. The one reality show (besides Survivor) that exposes Americans to other cultures around the world….albeit for a few brief moments. Working on a college campus also helps, because I see and get to interact with others from other cultures there also.

      PFN you are so right, it is close-mindedness to the “Nth” power! The one kid (black shirt/white stripes) really made me wanna say….what the hell are your parents teaching you? I believe the word “abomination” came out of his mouth too. That made me cringe a little bit. Cause it was right at that “door”….yeah….that door.

      Oh and Bollywood…I love Bollywood films! A subtitled film….not a problem for me. Terri, you are so right, Americans need to expose their kids to the rest of the world, not because they have to, but because it’s just a smart and sound idea. You know, sometimes I wish I had a megaphone that could be heard countrywide. I wanna say so bad sometimes. Americans need to get off that…”we are the sh__t ‘crack pipe’ because in case they haven’t heard the country ain’t what it used to be. As a matter of fact, if we don’t get it together…like real soon, the world just may end up saying…..America what, America who?


    • Oh and yes I am a proud American, so I can say that. (SMILES)


  5. That was funny and a I do not know what to say, LOL!!! Kids crack me up some times they will say the darnest things. Do wish they were a little more open minded when it comes to music. I think I have always been open minded about music even when I was young. They did give me a possible answer to a questions I often wonders since I got into Kpop. Why are there so many members to some groups. The one girl I think answered it by saying if there are alot of people then you are bound to like at least one. Maybe this is why some groups have so many. Can anyone answer that question why do some groups have so many members?


    • Flower,

      I think that any answer to your question of why some of the Korean groups have so many members would be a guess. It could be that simple, that some producer out there decided that the group they were producing needed so many members, because that way it would appeal to a wider range of people. But like I said, I think that would simply be a guess. There’s just no way to tell–unless, of course, one of those producers speaks up and tells us themselves. And I can guarantee you that they aren’t going to do that, because that would mean that we would know their secret to K-Pop success. :-}

      Ultimately, these kids (as all kids do) are simply reflecting what they have been taught by their elders. Although the intent of this video was humor, to me it absolutely reflects what many American adults think about K-Pop too.

      Many people (especially here in The States) are baffled by this K-Pop trend and cannot for the life of them figure out why this music appeals to so many people. I’m absolutely okay with that–as long as the haters stay quiet and leave us K-Pop fans alone.

      I mean, I don’t like gangsta rap myself, but I don’t go and hate on it on websites by fans who DO love that particular genre. I simply let them be. As others should do for us K-Poppers.

      To each his own, I say.

      Terri :-}


  6. Oh Boy Terri……..(*shaking hung down head while smiling*). Yep, that’s American kids alright. I can’t…..I won’t……(*still smiling*)!


  7. Omg, that was funny!!! Love their reactions, esp the youngest lil girl. That lil boy with the black hair needs to chill. He’s to young to be so stressed. lol


  8. “absolutey no wat is wrong with our generation!” ahahhaha. It’s here and it’s gonna stay 🙂


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