[article] Rain chooses family, pride, and respect for his fans as the driving forces behind his career.

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As reported by Allkpop and sourced from Naver (a top Korean Internet search engine and news site, much like our Yahoo!).


Allkpop 1/7/2012 — by Vitalsign

Rain chooses family, pride, and respect for his fans as the driving forces behind his career

It’s just been revealed that Rain participated in an interview with the Give Media Gift, a collaboration project with Naver‘s Happy Bean charity service.

Rain donated his personal mic and stage uniform to the cause. Should 5,000 people donate as well, his items will go up for auction to ensure a greater donation amount, which will all go towards helping children from low-income families.

In his interview, Rain was asked what the driving force behind his 11-year career was. He replied that family, personal pride, and respect for his fans were what kept him grounded throughout the years.

“At the time, I had to have economic power in society for my family’s wellbeing. At the thought of many seniors and people watching me, I also had to have pride in myself and my music to ensure that I would always be presenting progressive and improved music on stage,” said Rain.

Rain continued, “I respect my fans and genuinely thank them for purchasing such expensive albums, acknowledging my effort, and always watching over me. It was through them that I realized that I had to create and perform better music. From my youth, I remember the devastation, pain, hope, and finally bravery.”

As a message to the kids, he expressed, “Opportunity and success will come to those who wait. I believe that there is a car called Fate in life. Everyone is riding on a car of fate, just that for some, the road they’re on has traffic, which just requires a change in lane to pick up the pace again.”

Concluding the interview, he said, “I’d like to tell my juniors and everyone around me that if you work hard and wait, all of your dreams and hopes can come true.”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver 

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3 Responses to “[article] Rain chooses family, pride, and respect for his fans as the driving forces behind his career.”

  1. i’m soo proud to be a cloud :d


  2. We known what a wonderful person he is! We are proud of you Ji Hoon! 🙂


  3. I have such pride in this wonderful human being, I love ya JiHoon. 🙂


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