[article] Top Gun Rain to be on the tarmac in 2012.

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Everyone is gearing up for him, as well as for the the rest of the movies coming their way.

From the looks of things, it should be a very good year for the film industry in South Korea.


HanCinema 1/5/2012 — By Sung So-young

From Rain to brain-eating worms, it’s time to get your popcorn ready

A new year has begun, and the nation’s movie industry is all geared up for a strong showing in 2012 with the return of a number of high-profile actors and directors. Whether you’re a fan of heartthrob actor Rain or find pleasure in watching worms eat human brains, it’s time to get your popcorn ready.

The mega projects

Blockbuster films such as “Sector 7”, “The Front Line” and “Quick” failed to break even in 2011. But these flops didn’t discourage other ambitious projects from coming to theaters this year. To turn the tide, films in the Year of the Dragon will introduce themes seldom touched by Korean cinema in the past.

Kim Ji-hoon’s action-disaster film “Tower” is being compared to the 1974 Hollywood hit “The Towering Inferno”. The story is told through the perspective of firefighters and trapped people struggling to escape from a skyscraper in Seoul after a massive fire breaks out. With a 10 billion won ($869,565) budget, the film features a star-studded cast that includes actor Seol Kyeong-gu (“Haeundae” 2009) as a warm-hearted firefighter, Son Ye-jin (“Chilling Romance” 2011) and Kim Sang-kyeong (“Ha Ha Ha” 2009). Director Kim looks to have a stronger showing in the box office than last year’s “Sector 7”.

Korea’s version of “Top Gun” (1986) is also slated to hit theaters this year. Funded by the Korean Air Force, “Soar Into the Sun” centers on combat pilots. To ensure top-quality air-to-air combat scenes, the film brought in Hollywood aerial camera team Wolf Air Aviation.

“Soar Into the Sun” was heartthrob singer-actor Rain’s last film before he joined the Army last October. Rising actress Shin Se-kyeong also stars in the film.

For those hooked on horror films, a thriller set for release this year is sure to spook, or at least gross out, even the most intrepid moviegoer. “Yeongasi”, actor Kim Myeong-min’s first blockbuster film, is based on mutant wireworms that control human brains. The worms force Korea into a state of emergency as Kim struggles to save infected families.

After blockbusters’ weak showing in the box office last year, Yang Hae-seon, an industry insider who works for a film production and distribution company, said the diversity of genres in 2012 is a good sign for the industry.

“When ‘Sector 7’ failed last year, industry insiders were concerned about the market because the huge flop might result in decreased investment”, Yang said. “Whether they succeed or not, it’s meaningful that we have many films for diversity”….

» You can read this article in its entirety on the HanCinema site HERE, and see the original article on the Korea Joongang Daily HERE.

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  1. I cannot wait for Rain’s movie to come out! I hope we get a chance to see it.


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