[fan mades] Walk on, Japanese Clouds! We’re still pulling for you.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Just because it’s been almost a year since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our Japanese Cloud sisters. We haven’t, not for a second. And things are still hard for Japan, even now, after the devastation, so everyone please keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to heal.

Walk on, Japanese Clouds! We love you! ♥

RAIN 비 [Walk On…Clouds in Japan]. (Credit and edit: pokusuna @YT)

Rain (fan made) ~Pray for Japan~ (Courtesy of yucko625)

~ by Cloud USA on January 4, 2012.

3 Responses to “[fan mades] Walk on, Japanese Clouds! We’re still pulling for you.”

  1. This was a terrible moment of the humanity. We have to realize that we destroy ourselves finally, it, that we want too much as ourselves from the nature! Pray for Japan and pray for the world life!
    I’m crying…..These are moving videos! Rain proved it again why we love him this much!


  2. A veces nos preocupamos por cosas sin importancia, pero hay personas que necesitan de nuestro apoyo y amor. La oración es poderosa cuando se hace con fé, y la fé realiza milagros. Oraré con mucha fuerza y con todo mi amor para que las personas que aún sufren en Japón puedan superar esta prueba. Gracias por este post…muchas gracias!!


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