[article] Singer Rain’s performance was deemed the best event in Gangnam District for 2011.

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HanCinema 1/2/2012 —

Singer Rain’s performance was deemed the best event in Gangnam District for 2011

The highlight event of the year 2011 in Gangnam District, southeastern Seoul, was singer Rain’s concert that took place on Oct. 9, 2011, just before the entertainer began his military service.
The send-off concert for the Hallyu star took place at Yeongdeong Boulevard, just two days before the singer went into the Army.

The concert, titled “Rain: Last of The Best”, was a free event that took place on the wide stretch of the road that was blocked off all day for the performance. The entertainer, who featured in Hollywood films like “Ninja Assassin” (2009) and “Speed Racer” (2008), confessed following the event that he didn’t sleep too well as he was thinking about his post-military future. One possible career path he was considering was looking for an entry into the American market.

The second event in 2011 deemed most noteworthy by the head chief of the Gangman District Office following the K-pop star’s concert was the development of Guryong Village in Gangnam, which was originally full of shacks in plain view from Seoul’s skyscrapers. The third-most notable event was the Gangnam Fashion Festival which took place in October.

By Carla Sunwoo

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2 Responses to “[article] Singer Rain’s performance was deemed the best event in Gangnam District for 2011.”

  1. We all know his performances are the best, so it was not a question who is elected as the best one.


  2. that right the king here and he just on DEMAND nothing can replace like Rain he IS AMAZING and ROCK his stage he so distraction and i know only Rain can make his SPLENDID and a who MASTER it all … honestly I MISS HIS PERFORMANCE SO much that i wish their TIME CLOCK turn so fast ahahahah i miss everything of him 1 day killing me already ahahahh


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