[article] Best friends through thick and thin.

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Aww, thank you, BbaekGa, for sharing this! ♥ A real man will admit that he cries.

We know it was soooo hard on you guys. Heck, Terri and I can relate. We’ve been best friends for one year longer than you and Rain (18 years!), and having to leave each other’s side at this point would have us bawling.

Good luck to you and Koyote on M!Countdown. We’ll be cheering for you!


빽가(왼쪽)와 비 / BbaekGa (left) and Rain

eNews24 1/3/2012 — [English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

When Rain was enlisted, Baegka couldn’t help crying

Baegka, a member of Coyote which is a mixed pop group of 2 men and 1 woman, spoke his mind in an exclusive interview with enews on the 2nd about that he had no choice but to lose his composure and cry when his close friend Rain was enlisted.

Last October 11th, Baegka went with Rain to 306 Supplement in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do to see him off, and later broke into tears, which became the talk of the town.

Baegka said, “We were going to have time for only all of our friends accompanied by him after he said goodbye to his fans, but it was so hectic that we couldn’t. So, I gave Rain a bag containing an electron clock, inner soles, etc, then he cried his eyes out. I was trying to soothe him crying, but in the end I wept with him.

There are some of them who have doubts about my true feelings. But, no matter how hard I tried to remain calm, before I knew it, I was in tears when I saw crying Rain who has been my best friend for 17 years.”

Continuing, “Rain can make collect calls to his acquaintances only on Sunday because he is a private soldier. So even though I don’t know the number he or she is calling from that appears on my cellphone screen when someone calls me on Sunday, I answer the phone without choice. Once I hit the wrong button and the phone rang off. Then soon Rain called me and said urgently, “It’s me, it’s me !!”, made people laugh.

Baegka added, “In a recent poll, Rain and I were chosen as the top celebrities who have got a really good friendship. Thank many people for thinking this way.”

Meanwhile, Coyote is planning to make television appearances beginning with channel Mnet’s music program Mcountdown on the 5th.

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7 Responses to “[article] Best friends through thick and thin.”

  1. I am so glad Rain has a true friend like Baegka in his life and vise versa. Yes real men do cry and it is nothing wrong with it. Being able to show emotion is a very natural human thing to do. Why should it matter if you are a women or man. We are all human beings.


  2. glad to see that BbaekGa was there with him! there is nothing like having a friend that will be with you in good and bad times….that’s what friends are for (walks away singing at the top of my voice)…………..


  3. That is awesome to have a friend like that once you have a friend for over 17 years that friends becomes a family member. And who wouldn’t cry when a friend you feel is your brother is going away. Crying is just showing his humanity and the concern he feelS for his brother. i’m glad to say I have friends who I know for 20 years since i was a Kid and i consider them my family. I hope you guys always stay friends. ^__^ missing you Rain FIGHTING!!


  4. A real man cries…..indeed. It shows your humanity. I believe God gave everybody tear ducts for a reason. It must mean they’re meant to be used…I’m thinking.

    BaeGka, you go on and “love on” your best friend it’s OK. At least you guys live in a country where men can freely show emotion toward the same sex without any type of connotation involved. So in the words of Bobby McFerrin….Don’t Worry Be Happy! (SMILES)


    • SO TOUCHING i moving by this …. 😥
      this just melting see rain crying along knowing him leave his Best FRIEND ….they both are true and only brother that what i saying Rain & beag-ka A TRUE FRIENDSHIP in his Brotherhood 17 yrs CONSIDERING LONG TERM and you know what some peoples just could understand them both together suck a dork … ANYWAY I AM alway
      LOVE THE 2 hero MEN HERE they show each other love & supporting i remember Beagka was in tummer Rain crying for him and now Beagka turn they are connected and i am very happy to see them so devote together this what u called TRUE FRIENDSHIP that nothing compare it !! and i know they will be untied to each other forever … it NOT EASY found someone who can share so many thing together and show how much it meaningful to each other as for Rain i love him to my bottom of my hear who human being and NOT a SELF FISH person either rain keep all his friend cozy and fear and yet he very LOYAITY to them and who he called it *snif* so sweet
      @ ALL
      about we all give Rain a BIG HUG don’t u think so?????????


  5. I find it so sad and disturbing that people are so jaded and automatically think ones gay if you show emotion for same sex (mainly male) our society is more excepting of women’s emotions than men yet gay floats both ways.
    In a perfect world people shouldn’t judge others for whatever “let he/she without sin cast the first stone”.


  6. The friendship like Rain and Baegka shows us there are miracles in our rushing world!
    The crying is a very human action and when a man does not conceal his feelings it can be touching very much!


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