[post][soldier account] “Jung JiHoon asked me to bring these to you.”

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Well, actually, this is more of the soldier’s wife’s account. But you get the drift. 🙂


Rain’s Autograph and Christmas gift to his sergeant’s family

Source: DC Inside, 12/26/2011

English translation: rain bird @rain-eu.


Rain messages:

형수님, 우리 중사님 계속 사랑부탁드립니다..ㅋㅋ

Dear ‘Shim Ji Hye’..
My sister-in-law, (an expression to show friendliness) I hope you will unconditionally love our sergeant (your husband) now and for ever..keke..

To 은율
늘 건강하고 멋진 청년이 되길

To Eun Yul
Hope you’ll be always healthy and become a nice guy.
From your uncle Ji Hoon

Shim JiHye post:

올해 입대한 정지훈씨.

가수 비.

울 남편 부대에 입대해서, 남편 직속 조교로 선발되어 몸둘 바 모르는 횡제를 하고있는 나..
어제 클스마스 이브에 남편 놀래켜줄 깜짝 이벤트상 만들어놓구 초조히 기다리는데 집에 와서 나에게 선물 보따리를 한아름 안겨주던 울 귀요미 남편.
“이게 뭐야??” 했더니
“정지훈이가 자기 갖다주래~” 라면서 자기가 더 신나서 보따리를 풀어준다..
그 안에는 뜨아!!! 대박 장난 아니고 맛나는 것들이 잔뜩..
비 팬여러분들 덕에 제 입이 호강하네요.. 너무 감사합니다.

아기가 있는 울집에 필수품..
데톨 핸드워셔.
안그래도 똑 떨어져서 사야했는데 어찌 그걸 알구서~~
아~~ 행복하당.
DC비갤 님들, 너무 대단하십니당~ 감사해요!!

난 집에서 매일 보는 남편 군복에 붙어있는 열쇠부대 마크…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ어떻게 저걸 구해서리 만드셨대.. 대단!!

그리고 난 생각도 않고 바라지도 않았는데 울 귀요미 남편이 직접 받아온 정지훈씨 싸인. 난 비한테 “형수님” 소리 듣는 그런 여자야~~~!!

메세지 끝에 “ㅋㅋ”<- 이거보고 완전 빵터짐..ㅋㅋ 센스있는 비.

그리고 울 은율이도 횡제했네용~
지훈”삼촌’ 이 직접 싸인해줘떠용~~
울 은율이 크면 친구들한테 자랑 마니마니해~~~ +_+

“Jung Ji Hoon” who has enlisted in the army this year.
He is also known as singer Rain.
He has enlisted in the army where my husband serves as a sergeant, so I’m very pleased as if I come into a huge windfall.

When I was waiting to surprise my husband by throwing a surprise party for him on Christmas Eve, he finally came home and loaded me with gifts.

When I asked my husband, “What are these??”, he opened the presents in a much better mood than usual, answering, “Jung Ji Hoon asked me to bring them to you~”

Wow!! There were so many wonderful things to eat and necessities for my child in the gift box. I’m so happy~~

DC Rain Gall members, you are great~ Thank you!! The goods were marked with a key which is my husband unit logo I’m watching at home. kekekeke..I wondered how they could make them..So great!!

Furthermore, my husband got his autograph, and that’s the last thing I would expect. I’m such a woman enough to be called by the title, “my sister-in-law”, by Rain~~!! I burst out laughing looking at the words, “ㅋㅋ”..How sensible Rain is !

My child “Eun Yul” also came into a huge windfall~
Rain autographed it for my child~~
“Eun Yul”, brag to your friends about the autograph when you grow up ~~~ +_+

~ by Cloud USA on December 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “[post][soldier account] “Jung JiHoon asked me to bring these to you.””

  1. Rain is unique!!!!! And that sergeant scored like a thousand points with his wife (n_u) thanks to that message “i hope you unconditionally love your husband” Lol. That lucky sergeant!!!!


  2. Rain is so sweet this is why I love him so! They are so lucky and I am so jealous but so happy for them!!!!!


  3. Thanks for sharing!! that’s exactly the reason why he is loved so much^^


  4. Lucky “suckers!” Damn………………………………………………………….


  5. gosh…”brag to your freinds abt the autograph when u grow up????”im already jealous…


  6. hahhaha.. RAIN is always sweet..

    and this statement.. hahha .. I would surely brag about it!!!!

    “Eun Yul”, brag to your friends about the autograph when you grow up ~~~ +_+


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