[article] Rain and his fellow celeb-soldiers in Soompi’s Most Noticeable Trends of 2011.

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This is a pretty big article with lots of different layers and seven different trends, of which JiHoon and other celebrity soldiers serving in the ROK military are just one. This is also a great read that’s worth your time, so head over to SOOMPI and check it out!


SOOMPI News 12/28/2011— by thunderstix

[Soompi 2011] Most Noticeable Trends of the Year

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With 2011 winding down, Soompi took a look back at the year and compiled a list of some of the major trends we’ve seen in the K-Pop industry. From K-Pop concerts popping up all over the world to celebrities openly dating, we’ve identified 7 trends that had a significant impact on the business. Here’s our list:

[Rain Excerpt]

5) No More Military Dodging:

Until recently, we constantly heard controversies surrounding male celebrities trying to avoid the mandatory military service. MC Mong and Yoo Seung Joon come to mind when talking about top stars ending their careers after military dodging scandals. But from a few years ago (and continuing on this year too), we’ve started to see more and more male celebrities announce their enlistment in advance. This year alone we’ve seen Rain, Hyun Bin, Super Junior’s Heechul, Kim Joon, Wheesung, and Hwanhee enlist in the Korean army, while Jo In Sung, Eric, Lee Dong Wook, and Boom made their comebacks after completing their two-year service.

Another noticeable trend is that some of these stars opt to take it hardcore, enlisting in the more intense marines or as a bootcamp instructor, which are usually reserved for the fittest of the fittest. Hyun Bin, for example, voluntarily joined the Marine Corps. while Rain has been picked as an instructor at the main boot camp facilities, showing how it’s done and setting a precedent among male celebrities that, in a lot of cases, tend to find ways to take positions in the less-intense public service or military entertainment departments.

» You can see Eugene’s informative article in its entirety and share what you think about SOOMPI’s seven choices for their most noticeable trends this year on the SOOMPI News subpage HERE.

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One Response to “[article] Rain and his fellow celeb-soldiers in Soompi’s Most Noticeable Trends of 2011.”

  1. THAT RIGHT !! and our private ji Hoon is the best of the Best keep it coming i mean your Rain going to grow a lot fan boy in Army and guess what he will make more himself popularity everywhere ekekeke 🙂
    i am happy to POSITIVE about pur Men !!


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