[article] How Stars are Reacting to the Death of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il.

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*NOTE: Concerning Rain’s 100 day vacation, I do believe they mean vacation earned by completing your first 100 days of service. At first I was totally thrown by the thought of him being on vacation for 100 days (seeing as that’s the way we use that phrase in The States). Talk about having a brain fart! LOL 😛

And one further note… Rain is now out of basic training and is going about his formal duties as an A.T.O.


SOOMPI News 12/19/2011 — by jnkm

 How Stars are Reacting to the Death of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il

 Along with the rest of the world, celebrities are reacting to the death of former North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Il. They expressed curiosity on how things will turn out in the future in terms of politics for not only North Korea but for South Korea as well.

Here are a some tweets by Yoon Do Hyun, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon, Brian Joo, Simon D, Defconn, Daniel Henney and more:

Yoon Do Hyun, “The live episode of ‘Issue & People’ at 2:20 PM will be canceled due to the death of Kim Jong Il. Erasing my makeup now. Anyway, what will happen now? Not to me, but to the North. Or the international situation.”

Brian Joo, “Kim Jong Il’s death. Is it true? What will happen to the North?”

Choi Siwon, “North Korean State Television Says Kim Jong Il Is Dead.”

Simon D, “I went to bed and woke up and Kim Jong Il is dead. Sigh.”

Ok Taecyeon, “All the soldiers who have it harder now…be strong!!”

Daniel Henney, “A historic day for Koreans… And the world.”

Kim Jung Eun, “There’s a Kim Jung Eun here and there’s a Kim Jung Eun there. Kim Jung Eun… Kim Jung Eun…” (The successor of Kim Jong Il is his son, Kim Jung Eun.)

Lee Oisoo, “It has been reported that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il has passed away in a train. I hope this will cease all kinds of dictatorships in the world and peace will come.”

Defconn, “What we need right now is…” (and he posted a picture of a guitar with stickers that say, “Peace,” and “Freedom” on it.)

Comedian Nam Hee Suk, “It is such a strange place… The enemy of the nation has died but until his sources have released the news themselves, there were no rumors or any kind of commotion.”

There is also much interest gathering around stars who have recently been enlisted in the army. The Joint Chief of Staffs have declared the Korean National Army to be in a state of emergency and fans are getting worried about their stars. In the past, when Kim Jong Il’s father, Kim Il Sung had passed away, the active soldiers in the army had even written their wills in case of an emergency. So fans are worrying even more.

Current stars who are active in the military right now are Hyun Bin, Rain, Wheesung, Jung Tae Woo, Lim Joo Hwan, T-Max’s Kim Jun, Paran’s Ryan and more. None of these celebrities are currently assigned to a front-line combat sector.

Hyun Bin has been enlisted as a combat officer in the Marine Corp but now he has switched to the public relations officer. Rain is currently still in training. He has plans to take a 100 day vacation starting in January but because of this sudden situation, he might not be able to do so. Wheesung is also still in training.

Each of the stars’ agencies have expressed a bit of concern. They say that while it’s great that there is hope for peace between the North and the South, they are still worried in case of an emergency.

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One Response to “[article] How Stars are Reacting to the Death of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il.”

  1. I feel like Daniel Henney. I think it is “historic” for the Korean people. However, it remains to be seen what side of history Kim Jong Il’s death will fall on. Hopefully, one day Korean people will be able to see their country united.


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