15 Responses to “[Cloud USA] Road Trip for Rain: On the hunt for KPop and Jung JiHoon, Part 3.”

  1. It was a pleasure having lunch with you ladies that day. On a side note I think I should start working on my New Years resolution to drop a few pounds though….sigh….lol


  2. Love it! THank you! Can’t wait for part 4.


  3. Oh ladies you made me laugh sooo hard!!! Great account of the show and the reunion!! The fish incident just killed me!!! ROFLMAO!!!!! 😀 😀 😀


  4. WOW!!!! That was incredible!!!! I gotta give it to SME for doing a spectacular show for the US and taking the effort to prepare their singers in english. Wish other companies do the same!! You know which one!!) Ohh Shinee made me loose my marbles with Lucifer!! Arghh!! Love Ring Ding Dong!!! These kids have a particular sound that is AMAZING!!!! Their vocals are really good too, I really like them!! Super Junior is good too and their efforts are paying off cuz they’ve gone global. I don’t know about the abuse part but SME is doing something good cuz their results are undeniable, their promotion is awesome, the exposure these groups are getting is amazing and they are well organized. They are not perfect but they are close. Also, now they got a Christmas album in english and is really good. In my opinion, SME is going in the right direction when it comes to promote their groups.


  5. Everyone did a great job. I wish that i was there.


  6. Oh!!.MY HEART IS WRITING.. I am very happy to meet girls .. The smiles on their faces are very beautifull. May the Lord bless you always. HUGSSSSS!! 🙂


  7. Oh lovely photo of you guys!!! ^^


  8. Oh this Rocks!!!! I loved meeting all of you too!


  9. Lol I gotta tell Julia! XD you guys are so totally right about my mom Lol


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