[Cloud USA poll] What’s the first thing you’d like to see Rain do after military?

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*Edited to add: As one commenter has said, JiHoon will certainly deserve some time off as well! So we’ve added that answer to the poll. ๐Ÿ™‚ }

Roughly 19 months from this point in time, soldier Jung JiHoon will be cut loose by the ROK military and resume his life as a civilian, mega-entertainer, and world star, South Korea’s treasured son. He will be a little older, a little wiser, matured, and chock full of ideas for that new phase of his career going forward. He will also “hit the ground running”, so to speak, and already know exactly what things he’s going to immediately jump into.

What would YOU want to see Rain do first thing as a civilian, after July 10, 2013? If you could, what project would you advise him to do the second he’s a free man? Inquiring minds want to know! We’ll let this poll run for around two weeks, and then of course we’ll tweet the poll results to him for whenever he manages to get back to his Twitter. We think he’ll find your opinions on this quite interesting.

If you’d like, do dish about your thoughts (and mention your locations) in the thread comments. Thanks, fans. ๐Ÿ˜€

(“Hey man, what do you think I should do first when I get out?”)

~ by Cloud USA on December 17, 2011.

26 Responses to “[Cloud USA poll] What’s the first thing you’d like to see Rain do after military?”

  1. I’m down with setting up house, supporting what he does, traveling with him and giving him good love and all that good stuff sure. Keeping a smile on his face everyday. But I’m not waiting on any man hand and foot, oh hell no. LMAO Hoony’s like a puppy when it comes to his woman anyways so that probably means he’ll be waiting on HER haha We can share the cookin, Hoon. Thats how I do it.


  2. I think he should marry me and live happily ever after. He needs a really sweet girl (like me). I think he’s everything I’m looking for. (He seems to be such a sweet kind person and I’ve never heard anything negative about him)
    I’d drop everything in the states and move to Korea! I’d wait on him hand and foot, support him on every project, travel with him, learn how to cook Korean food, improve my Korean and have a lot of cute mixed babies.

    Its just so sad that I’ll probably never even get a chance to meet him! I actually lived in Seoul for a year so it was a small possibility but I’m not a stalker!!


  3. ahahahahah this such a good iDEA !! of voting for rain as for me i have 2 choice and it NEED ASAP …..
    TOOK SOME TIME OFF check….
    new Album release why?????????
    i remember Rain said & interview that he will give us a New taste of Album but the been hectic for him he decided to slip and save for when he cam back so he does OLD this new Album
    so i am dying to hear him again ahahahahha Check…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    can;t wait for Rain coming Back 2013 FLY…..!


  4. Oof so hard! Of COURSE I want him to hop on the nearest plane to the U.S. and get to working but that would be kind of messed up coz I want him to be well rested before he hits U.S. soil. So first I’d want him to take a break and relax a bit. Then I’d want him to do a REAL world tour starting in NYC. But I also want him to make a big blockbuster movie and become even more famous all over the world. Gah! So many choices… Personally I think he’ll manage to do all those things but without the vacation in between. You know how he does… lol.


  5. So, lets say he eventually gets back to the states and does a concert..I’m in Kentucky so probably the closest place would be Atlanta that would be big enough for him to have one…if this happens.I’d really like to go..could I go with you Georgia ladies?..I’d rather go with people I kinda “know”…LOL


  6. the first thing he should do is take his shirt off because military life will have given him the best body he has had since Ninja Assassin.


  7. The first thing he is going to do is eat real food!


  8. Hello everyone! I’m Florence from Argentina ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m loving this poll since it would be very useful for our beloved Ji Hoon โ™ฅ but I have a suggestion that might be even better for him… since this is Cloud “USA” it seems only natural that the option “A movie or TV project in The States” turns out as the most voted.. so it would be awesome if this poll coud be spread to as many cloud sites from other countries as you can so as to get the most authentic results from different parts of the world.. I think, i dunno.. what do you all think?


    • Hi, Florence. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice to meet you.

      As you can see in the poll results, “A movie or TV project in The States” is not completely winning. And that’s probably because our blog subscribers and daily readers and community members are from all over the world. We get regular visits from over 150 countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas (and translated into their languages by those readers), so I think we’re spread around pretty well.

      It’s only been two days, so it’ll be interesting to see how the poll does pan out…

      It’s also nice for USA Clouds and English-speakers to actually have a place for JiHoon to know how we feel too, seeing as we and our opinions are ignored a lot on other sites all over the world. Know what I mean?

      So glad you like the poll!^^

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Oh ok! That’s exactly what I wanted to know ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much for your answer.. and for this lovely web site for that matter! It’s so nice to keep on recieving Ji Hoon-i news โ™ฅ Keep up the great work!!
        Greetings from Argentina!



        • Thanks, Florence, and you’re welcome! And thanks for your nice comments about Cloud USA. ๐Ÿ˜€ We will continue to do our best.

          Hugs to Argentina. We love our Latina sisters!

          Stephe ^@@^


  9. Well I see that making an EASILY accessible adult film is not an option…this is MOST disappointing…. -___-

    But honestly I’ll be happy with whatever he does, I’d like to hear that lovely voice make another album….but I’d like to see him on the silver screen (preferably in the U.S., but as long I see him I don’t really mind) …

    So I just ultimately want him to be happy! ^__^


  10. i would like him to take some time off…nd get married asap!..his persnol happiness is the only thing he’s missing…mmm..then he can continue doing different projects…a drama..perhaps…album??do what he likes..


  11. This is a tough one! I have to think about this awhile before voting. I am trying to think about what would help his career the most. If he had some really good new songs (new album) to reach the top of the Asian charts and immediately follow up an album release with a concert tour to promote the album, that might be the best strategy. I’d love to see him in a successful US movie, but it wouldn’t be good to ignore his Asian fanbase. I would also like to see him focus on his own personal happiness and take time to date and marry. This is a very hard question!


  12. I preferred him to do another blockbuster Hollywood movie project again..can’t wait for Ninja Assassin part 2…I wish! ^__~

    Hello Stephe & Terri! I miss you both =) Wishing you two, a wonderful Sunday…Big hug!


    • Thank you, Ann.

      Both of us have been really busy these past few months, so we haven’t been able to be as visible as much as we would like.

      Hopefully, the new year will be a little calmer.

      Terri :-}


  13. Personally, I would love for him to get on the nearest plane to the States. However, realistically he will want to first reconnect with his Korean fans, so fan meets first. BUT, he will probably feel like hitting the stage first. So he should probably do some welcome back shows, then on to the nearest plane to the States.


  14. honestly, i want him to take some time for himself for a few months. hopefully he finds a girlfriend during this time in the military. get married and enjoy his new wife for at least 6 months minimum. he needs and deserves to have a little personal time and happiness before hitting the ground running.


  15. I have been waiting for Ji Hoon to collaborate with a mega producer like Timberland and to launch a record with that producer. That would be Fantabulous and what I would vote


  16. Since I live in the states, of course I would love for Rain to come here after his release and make a movie. Then, if he could come to New York and do a concert, that would be awesome. But, if he stays in Korea, then I hope he does a concert tour….I’ll be Korea bound.


  17. This is a funny vote! Thanx!


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