[ETA revision][Rain update] Where to write Private JiHoon Jung at the beginning of his formal duties.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*ETA 12/15: Please see the revised address below.  The Key Unit’s Recruit Training Center Battalion has changed location and provided an address correction. Thanks.}

The Korean Cloud executive board announced on the fan site today that Rainy Entertainment is releasing JiHoon’s present military unit address. We’re very pleased, but we still maintain the same stance that we talked about in our Yellow Ribbon for Rain calendar for Christmas post.

The last thing that JiHoon needs right now, with his life so simplified and military-oriented, is boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff that he can’t use or enjoy, or gifts that the military won’t take delivery of (they will turn stuff away without giving them to him). So please be considerate of him with what you send. His family and friends, the Korean Cloud, and Benamoo will surely keep him well stocked with what he truly needs—no doubt about that.

It’s also a pretty safe bet that he feels regretful when his mail delays other soldiers getting their own stuff too much, so that’s just one more reason to be more considerate and think of what works best for JiHoon in this temporary new world he’s living in. Thanks! Now let’s get those cards and letters on their way!

Where to send handwritten letters to JiHoon now, at the beginning of his compulsory two-year military service :

경기도 연천군 청산면 궁평리 사서함 106-12호 8210부대

신병교육대대 12중대 이등병 “정지훈”조교님

(zip code:486-851), South Korea.

This identifies him as Private Jung JiHoon, teaching assistant at 12th company, 8210 Recruit Training Center Battalion, at PO Box 106-12 Gungpyung-li, Cheongsan-myun, Yeonchun-gun, Gyeonggi-do, zip code : 486-851, South Korea.) Our thanks to Hwani (화니), who translated the exec board’s post.

As we understand it, the address for Rainy Entertainment, JiHoon’s business admin while he’s enlisted, is also at your disposal. You can use it for mailing as well.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

~ by Cloud USA on December 14, 2011.

10 Responses to “[ETA revision][Rain update] Where to write Private JiHoon Jung at the beginning of his formal duties.”

  1. Private “Jung Ji Hoon”(정지훈 : Rain)
    Teaching Assistant
    12th Company, 8210 Recruit Training Center Battalion
    P.O.box 106-12 Gungpyung-li, Cheongsan-myun, Yeonchun-gun, Gyeonggi-do
    486-851, South Korea

    So that is the correct address? When we send letters to Korea, do we need the address in both Hangeul and Korean? If so, then what is this address in korean? ._.


    • Dani,

      As far as we know, that is the correct address for now. It will change, though, when he is transferred to the PR Division. So, be on the lookout for an address change to come soon.

      If you are in an English-speaking country, they will probably want you to use English on your envelopes. I know they do here in the U.S. The letter will get to Rain whether the address is written in English or Hangul.

      Links to the correct address is always listed in our Weekly Open Thread post.

      Terri :-}


  2. Hi,
    Thank for all the info and all the work you have done so far. I can surely say it is highly appreciated even if not anyone says thanks every time stops by. If I have additional info about Rain I commit to share them.


  3. this means we can send a letter straight to him???…wow…


    • Yes, that’s what it means. I will send him another hand written letter as well, but I will try to send mine at a time when some of his mail “traffic” has died down. It’s Christmas so everybody from every corner of the globe will be sending him cards and letters.


      Do we know if we can send correspondence to his fellow barrack mates yet? This letter writing thing makes me SO feel for the others who get their mail pushed back because of Bi’s mail. Letters are their “lifeline” and I’d like to brighten someone else’s day. At this point, Bi has plenty support (IMO).


      • BiA,

        We are still working on that. It seems that to send letters to Rain’s fellow recruit-mates, we need to have their individual names. We can’t just send letters to “any soldier.” To date, we still don’t have a contact who can get us (or who is willing to give us–or who even understands our request, for that matter) the names of recruits who would like to receive letters from Rain’s Clouds.

        But we’ll keep working on it, of course. Maybe I just haven’t contacted the right person. My motto: Never give up.

        Terri :-}


        • I hear ya. Well, I’ll do it whenever you find out something concrete. All this soldier business, is bringing up memories that I thought I “buried” a long time ago, but I do remember us both Waiting for correspondence and when the letters lag, it’s hard…not a pleasant feeling. I would hate for the other recruits to have to feel that. Well, anyway….I’ll wait. (SMILES)


          • BiA,

            I know. I remember those days very well. My hubby really cherished the mail he received when he was away–so much so that he kept my silly notes for years. And I cherished his communications too.

            I don’t know if we’ll be successful, but we’ll keep trying anyway. We’ll let everyone know if we do have some success.

            I did see a notice on The Cloud from Rain’s unit about his new address though. It is:

            Private “Jung Ji Hoon”(정지훈 : Rain)
            Teaching Assistant
            12th Company, 8210 Recruit Training Center Battalion
            P.O.box 106-12 Gungpyung-li, Cheongsan-myun, Yeonchun-gun, Gyeonggi-do
            486-851, South Korea

            I have no idea if that is written correctly. Please someone correct the addressing if it’s wrong.

            There was no information about other recruits who might like to receive mail in Rain’s unit, but that’s his unit’s address.

            I don’t know if Stephe has seen or posted about Rain’s new address yet. I’m about to leave work, and so I’ll have to check the blog later.

            Terri :-}


  4. Thank you for sharing!


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