From Stephe’s desk: Rain on my pillow.

Lookie, lookie, lookie. I just had to show y’all my RAIN The Best Show 2011 project folders, straight from Rain’s final Korea tour stop in Seoul! They came a l-o-n-g way to be with me, and they’re just waiting for me to throw some papers in them.

(These are the ones that my mama tried to steal off my desk when she thought I wasn’t looking. She had the audacity to be irritated by the model’s hand and wanted it OFF of Rain.  I’ll never forget the way she crossed her arms over her bosom and said, “That should be my hand. Mine.” And gave the poor model the evil eye! WTHeck? LMAO!)

They’re glossy and transparent and oh, so gorgeous, don’t you think? I swear to you, no picture does them justice—Pardon, what’s that? You want to know if I have any other nice goodies from RAIN The Best Show 2011?

Hmmm… Terri, do we have any other nice goodies from Rain’s final concert tour before he enlisted? *glances surreptitiously at my best friend*

*Terri grins back*


I suppose y’all will find out the answer to that soon enough. Tis the season to be jolly, after all. Ho, ho, ho.

Just what is Team Bong Cloud USA up to now? 😀

— Stephe ^@@^ 

~ by Cloud USA on December 13, 2011.

6 Responses to “From Stephe’s desk: Rain on my pillow.”

  1. Well, well, well I hope my lucky star still shines for that challenge I see coming!! Those folders are AMAZING!!!! I can’t blame your mom Stephe cuz I would want to snatch them too!! LMAO!!! Rain looked soo handsome!! Roar!!!!!


  2. You girls are funny. Yes we want to know what you two are up too. Love the folders and Mom. So funny. Tell her that should be my hand. Never mind I don’t want to get in trouble with a woman with that kind of passion. lol


  3. Uh Oh. I smell another challenge coming on! (*pulling out Superma…um…girl red cape*)

    HA! We thought Bi was a tease………………………..


  4. The folders look great! I don’t blame your mom for trying to sneak ’em off your desk!

    BTW, I love those two in Fugitive: Plan B………I really laughed when he said his name was James “Bong” and the James Bond theme music started playing! Too funny


  5. Hi Stephe!
    It’s so funny! Thank you that cheerful one did!
    Have nice day to you, too!


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