“I wonder if she’s still mad at me…”

(courtesy of pollyanna)

~ by Cloud USA on December 11, 2011.

10 Responses to ““I wonder if she’s still mad at me…””

  1. mmmmm…come back soon rain…nd nobody will be mad at u:))


  2. Me mad a you baby? Nahh!! Specially when you look at me that way! ^.^


  3. yes good


  4. oh how precious!


  5. “You wonder if I’m still mad at you huh?” Well, yeah I’m still quite upset that you left without saying goodbye to me personally. BUT, in 22 mos. I’ll be Expecting you to make it up to me…..thoroughly! Sooo…..get some rest soldier.” (*SMILES*)

    What……so he can Sing to me from the stage………what were you ALL thinking?? (SMILES)


  6. Who is mad at you?
    I don’t.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hahaha, no one is really mad at him, Agota. We’re just kidding. Rain’s face is so expressive that sometimes it makes you wonder “what could he be thinking here?” He looked a little frustrated and thoughtful in this picture, and so “I wonder if she’s still mad at me” came into my mind. 😛

      Stephe ^@@^


  7. what is this abt…..


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