[past article] Revisiting 2006: Rain Gets a Baby Shower.

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Heheheh! Who doesn’t remember this?  ♥

He was so gracious about everything, as usual. And oh, how I laughed.

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The Chosun Ilbo 11/10/2006 —

Rain Gets a Baby Shower

The workaholic K-pop superstar Rain is participating in a photography exhibition to help children without families. The Love Photography Exhibition has been held annually since 2003 by the Social Welfare Society and photographer Cho Sei-hon to help children in government care and aims to match unfortunate children with loving adoptive parents.


When Rain heard about the exhibition, he reportedly said, “If we can find a warm family for just one of the children, I’d be happy to be a part of it.” And when the time came, he was there to be a part of the shoot despite his tightly packed schedule.

But at the shoot, Rain was perplexed when he had to pose with a one-month-old baby in his arms. “I don’t really know how to hold a baby,” he said. When the shoot was nearly over, the infant suddenly had an “accident” all over the singer, making the crowd burst into laughter. “The new surroundings may have made the baby nervous, which lead to the discourtesy,” Cho says. “Rain’s clothes and hands were soaked in pee, but he wasn’t at all annoyed, and instead said baby urine is a ‘good thing.'”

The event will run on Dec. 20-26 in the Insa Art Center in Insa-dong, Seoul, with entertainers including Rain, Kim Jeong-eun, who is a honorary PR ambassador for the Social Welfare Society, Kim Hye-soo, Sohn Ye-jin and SG Wannabe participating.

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11 Responses to “[past article] Revisiting 2006: Rain Gets a Baby Shower.”

  1. that baby looks so comfortable. :SIGH: what a lucky baby. First time seeing these pictures and the story behind is funny. Poor Baby im sure it got cold for being naked who knows for so long. And baby bi as usual is a gentleman. As the word says. Gentle+Man.


  2. I love the story behind these pictures, I’ve always thought them to be very precious. Thank you.


  3. Ohh soo adorable!!! Rain looked amazing in those picts. and the baby too. I guess the baby was cold! kekeke 😀


  4. He looks adorable holding that baby. He is going to be a loving and caring Dad someday and with those big beautiful hands he can hold anything. lol


  5. Aww, that’s too cute! LOL! And baby pee is a “good thing.” Glad he thinks so…hahaha! I think he’ll be a really good Appa one day!


  6. I love it! Rain is so cute and I love his tranquillity. And i like it, that he never regretted nobody and who are surround him nice to them always!
    Thank you to share it Stephe! 🙂


  7. Aww too cute, this is the first time seeing this. I’m still new to Rain and all his glory. This was sweet. Rain has great humor. If it had been an American singer, they would rant and rave about baby pee, call their managers and sue lol


  8. Looks like a Future baby daddy in the making! I think most of us have been “squirted” at least once by a newborn. That’s why I’m not one to run over and pick up anybody’s baby these days….learned my lesson ages ago. (SMILES)


  9. oh how sweet and cute!


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