Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Fresh, fresh VIPS Rain. Love him.♥ ♥ (Images source: tieba.Baidu)


Rain’s intense blue Adidas down jacket won the most votes for Best Winter Padding of the men’s garments on the Adidas site. Yes, I’d say that thing looks doggone well made and would keep a body mighty warm for the whole winter. (I think some folks might have thought they were voting for Rain himself, but as far as I know, the event was only a clothing contest. In Adidas’ tweet, all they seem to talk about is the jacket winning.) I sure am jealous of the customers who won stuff! I wonder what prize they’re going to get? (Image: alladidas.com, 12/5/11)


From when Rain signed on as brand ambassador for Anchor Ice, back in the summer. Surf’s up with two powerhouses—Asia Pacific Breweries director Edmond Neo and most influential world star Jung JiHoon! (Images: Alchemy Partnership @Facebook)


Beautiful Giordano Rain fan art, courtesy of pipi-rain! 🙂


And a little RRG for good measure…



~ by Cloud USA on December 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Rain check.”

  1. That man knows how to take a picture. Wow!!!


  2. RRG……”X” marks the spot…does it not? (SMILES)


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