From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s career will be there when he gets back to it.

This article I ran across out of HanCinema, about Lee DongGun—(Rain’s co-star and rival for the girl in the Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School! (상두야, 학교가자 ! • Sangdooya, hakgyo kaja!)—is why I used to look at people all crazy and cock-eyed and sideways when they said weird stuff like:

“Is this it, with him going into the military? Will we see him again?”

“He’s gonna sing and do stuff again, right?”

“But I only just discovered him and it’s over!”

“Might as well shut down [site name]…”

Just like with DongGun and most K-celebs that have done their military duty, when JiHoon walks out of the hallowed halls of ROKA-dom in July 2013, both feet will be hitting the ground running. I dare say, the six months before then (and even on and off during the year before that, when possible) he will have been getting all his ducks in a row behind the scenes, or having someone do it for him, so that the moment “civilian” is stamped on his forehead he’ll be ready to jump into a good solid schedule. He is Mr. Advance Preparation personified. That’s never going to change. (And you know he and “Mr. Richard” will be hollering back.)

I for one am so looking forward to the fan meets to come down the pike. I can bet you dollars to donuts that those will be uppermost in his mind.

Rain and Clouds physically together again… what an utterly splendid thought.

— Stephe ^@@^


HanCinema 12/4/2011 —

Lee Dong-geon under the same roof as Jeong Bo-seok and Oh Hyun-kyeong  

Actor Lee Dong-geon (31), who is in the military, signed a contract with Mask Entertainment.

Mask Entertainment announced on December 5th, “Lee Dong-geon will be prepared to start working again as soon as he’s done with his national military service at the end of March next year. He should add support to Hallyu”.

Mask Entertainment has actors and actresses Jeong Bo-seok, Oh Hyun-kyeong, Park Seon-yeong, Kim Ok-bin, Park Seong-woong, Kim Seong-oh and more.

Lee Dong-geon was admitted to the military last June and is currently the promotional ambassador of the Defense Agency for Public Information Serivces and Military Affairs.

Source :… ( Korean )

~ by Cloud USA on December 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “From Stephe’s desk: Rain’s career will be there when he gets back to it.”

  1. People can really be funny at times, God yes JiHoon is going to have all kinds of things going on, on his return….hahahaha, unbelievable. Smh….:$


  2. See Bi, you weren’t the only 29/30 year old in the military. He needn’t have felt bad about that. I thought he looked familiar.


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