[interview/Eng subs][Eng CF][making of] From Alchemy Partnership: It could only be Rain and Anchor Ice.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Do enjoy this wonderful Rain interview on behalf of Anchor Beer, conducted by Alchemy Partnership out of Singapore, who was appointed by Anchor as the creative agency for the Rain/Anchor regional campaign. Alchemy partnered with Emerald City Design in the making of the Rain/Anchor Ice “PinBall” commercial spot.

Such creative folks! Great interview!

Anchor Beer Regional Campaign 2011 – An Interview with Rain. (Credit: Alchemy Partnership / AlchemyPartnership1 @YT)


And some terrific Bonuses: Don’t apologize, Alchemy! Haters are going to hate. Who cares? We love you guys for this! ♥

Youtube comments by Alchemy Partnership: “Alchemy was commissioned by Anchor Beer to create an exciting commercial with international superstar – Rain, to represent a catalyst for fun. And fun took us round the world, where the 45s spot was conceptualised in Singapore by The Alchemy Partnership, shot in Korea, and had its post & special effects done in Australia.

*Apologies to anyone who isn’t a fan of Rain, but we love him.” 

Making Of Anchor Pinball 2011 by Alchemy Partnership. (Credit: Alchemy Partnership / AlchemyPartnership1 @YT)

Anchor Beer Regional Campaign 2011 – Signing Ceremony with Rain.  (Credit: Alchemy Partnership / AlchemyPartnership1 @YT)

Love love LOVE hearing Rain’s voice in English in this version. Thanks, Alchemy and ECD!

Anchor Beer 2011 Regional Campaign ft. Rain – “It could only be Anchor Beer”. English Version.  (Credit: Alchemy Partnership / AlchemyPartnership1 @YT)

Aaaaaand… Rain for Anchor Ice in Cambodia! 😀

Rain anchor beer cambodia. (courtesy of 224824 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on December 2, 2011.

One Response to “[interview/Eng subs][Eng CF][making of] From Alchemy Partnership: It could only be Rain and Anchor Ice.”

  1. I love it when Rain speaks in English. He gives me goosebumps lol


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