[ETA Eng trans] Rain check. (And some RRG, for good measure.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Screen caps from the clips of Rain’s boot camp graduation back on November 17. I like them smaller like this. Less fuzziness, unlike when they’re blown up.  (Images source: zifuni6)


Gorgeous screen caps from one of Rain’s Nikon CF shoots in the streets of the Philippines, in the fall of 2010. He was also there filming Fugitive and gearing up for his appearance at the Intensity Show in Manila. (Images: Rainstorm, Osaka)


A fresh Rain image posted by Coupang on their Facebook today. We really appreciate them keeping him and Tae Hee front and center during his time in basic training! 🙂

*Edited to Add: English translation by rain bird @rain-eu. / Don’t forget I watch you all the time. (오빠가 지켜보고 있다는거 잊지마!) • I’m going to wait here again tomorrow, so you’re got to come ! (내일도 여기서 기다릴테니까 꼭와)


Random Rain Goodness! Hold on to your seats…!

(for the Korea tourism authority)

(For a Lotte DF project)

(In Japan… checking the front, checking the back.)

(Ohhhhh, ho, ho, ho… YoungJae.)

~ by Cloud USA on November 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “[ETA Eng trans] Rain check. (And some RRG, for good measure.)”

  1. I love these pictures!! Thanks for posting as I haven’t seen some of them before. I do have to say that we seem to be living in the past, though. Hopefully, Rain will come front and center again soon. In this industry he has to stay current. I’m not saying that he isn’t out there working but… the public is a fickle creature.


    • Hi, Claudette. Hope your week is going well.

      No, not living in the past. This post was published waaaaay back on November 28, 2011. Six years ago.

      Sometimes I’ll post blasts from the past because there are new Rain fans popping up every day, but for the most part I keep the blog completely current. Rain is very front and center right now.

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. OMO OMO The Young Jae’s ones are awesome!!! I still remember being breathless just seeing those first scenes of Full House and when Rain stepped out of bed in that little thing of undies my eyes almost dropped out of my head!! That’s an opening I’ll never ever forget!! Gaah!! That’s the way you glue an audience to a drama!! The rest of the picts are georgeous too, Rain always looks good. The camera loves this man!!


    • LOL! Yeah, I remember just waiting with bated breath, and him just sitting there, and sitting there… and sitting there… until finally.

      ahahaha 😉

      Stephe ^@@^


      • LoL!! Yeah I know right? He took his time to get out of bed!! I was expecting some pj pants probably black, long and confy so that little thingey just blew me away to kindom come!! I was like whoa!! O.O Brain fried!!


  3. Nice pics! May I wake up with you 비 ! 😛


  4. RRG……Pic #1 kicked me in my gut….The EYES…Oh Lawd…the eyes! Then Young Jae just wiped me out completely!! Good Mercy!…………………….


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