[Rain update][clips][soldier check] Recruit JiHoon Jung graduates boot camp a decorated Private.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

From back on November 17, 2011… JiHoon and his recruit mates are rewarded for weeks of hard work. We really appreciate all of this wonderful footage being made available, rather than just cut-up “Rain parts.” Thumbs up! ^^ Congratulations to JiHoon and every single one of these fine young men.

On a personal note… I love the teeny tiny smile of pride he gets when he knows he has accomplished something significant. Makes me smile too.

(Video credits: Key Cafe on Daum, YShwarang / rainalu @ Youku / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

[Rain Bi]111117 Rain @ Graduation ceremony 1/4.

[Rain Bi]111117 Rain @ Graduation ceremony 2/4.

[Rain Bi]111117 Rain @ Graduation ceremony 3/4.

[Rain Bi]111117 Rain @ Graduation ceremony 4/4. Sounds like a bad download distorted the sound here… or either the military garbled it on purpose, they are making speeches after all, could be security-sensitive stuff… Mwah, mwah, mwaaaaah…

~ by Cloud USA on November 27, 2011.

7 Responses to “[Rain update][clips][soldier check] Recruit JiHoon Jung graduates boot camp a decorated Private.”

  1. So proud of him and for him.


  2. We see a proud Korean male right here, not a superstar. It’s cool to see how other countries do things. It’s different, yet the same in many respects.

    *Side Note* – the sound in that last tape was a like a bad Horror movie effect.

    Also, that one young man that looked 10 ft. tall….GOODNESS Son…what you been eating??!!


    • BiA,

      Yes, we noticed that the sound was wonky in the last part, but we’re thinking that it may have been garbled on purpose. For security reasons. They were making speeches, after all.

      Terri :-}


  3. i am so PROUD….of Rain Graduation he DESERVED all this who have served and training in NIGH DUTY as well in COLD weather i saluted Rain who became a LEADER and Honor to BEST SOLIDER of knowing the best of his RESPECTIVE gentlemen and very hard-worker and charming to all his Men and also HUMBLE to what he is became one AMAZING SOLIDER CONGRATULATION RAIN well Deserved that by baby boo… ^_~ Rain family & friend are so PROUD of Rain 🙂

    i sent u EMIL please check thank dear !!


  4. You have to be proud watching him receive his honors. ^_^ The sound freaked me out a little bit though. LOL


  5. The just reward makes the man proud! We are proud too! Smile together!


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