Blast from the past #106.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Wow, wow, WOW! Another of my favorite songs that I seldom get to hear—so cool!

Here is Rain and Byul (Star) at a 2003 concert in Daegu, singing her song “How Much I Love You” (featuring Bi), from her Vol. 1 album December 32. Some of you know that Byul also sang the ever-popular Full House theme “I Think I (Love You).” That tune was released on her Vol. 2 Star album in 2005, and the music video (with “YoungJae”) was one of the first MVs that I saw Rain in, as a new fan.

Very special stuff! 🙂

Rain 030310 DaeGu Concert_How Much I Love You不知有多愛你_with STAR. (courtesy of manloverain8 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on November 27, 2011.

6 Responses to “Blast from the past #106.”

  1. Sounds a sound from his earlier years. Rain can bring it whether he dance his butt off or not.Thanks.


  2. Oh Dear Lord, I almost destroyed my desk while hearing this song!! Arghh!! I die, went to heaven and came back hearing Rain’s voice!!! I sooo miss that whiskey-mellow-manly-georgeous voice!!! Mercyyyy!!! I’m with Bia, I would love to hear Rain’s voice in a Puerto Rico radio station and its soo frustrating cuz his music isn’t in ITunes and I fear to ask the radio station to put his music cuz if people don’t find it there guess what’s gonna happen? They will copy it from videos or else and I don’t wanna contribute to that. Also, if Rain want to do an album with old songs in the future and make it available in ITunes then people won’t buy it and I don’t want to sabotage his chances. Seriously, to hear Mblaq and not being able to hear Rain, I just wanna weep cuz his voice is soo beautiful I KNOW puertorricans will love it!! There are a few girls that are Rain’s fans but since his music isn’t easyly available they only have a few songs like me. It’s a shame!! 😦


  3. I like to hear the songs he sings that are definitively R&B. This to me is what he is as an artist and Stephe you’re right rarely do we get to hear the more R&B songs of his. I hate I don’t have access to his music like I would like, otherwise I would have bought all his CDs by now.


  4. Beautiful song! How shall I tell it to you how much I love you?! Bi forever!


  5. That was great. I love that song. Rain’s voice is like butter. Thanks


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