11 Responses to “[soldier accounts] Private JiHoon Jung is quite a nice guy.”

  1. Oh Jesus that must be tough, to be in the spot of everybody 24/7!! Poor Baby!! 😦 I hate to say this but I was right. I told you that if he got a broken nose at some point, he probably snored. My hubbie got a broken nose as a child and of course he snores cuz his nose isn’t in the right position. But hey, RAIN IS HUMAN!!! There’s no doubt about it now!! He’s no ET-phone-home- kind of a guy!! kekekeke Good to know!! You know what, the snoring must be the less of his problems by now. He’s human soo he’s hungry and not only for food!! I hope that subject stays in the boys-don’t-tell club for his sake. To not being able to scratch an itch cuz it will be posted in Twitter the second he does!! Poor guy!!


    • Mari, from what I understand…there’s “guy code” amongst military men about that. That’s one line I don’t think they would cross publicly. Besides, that’s an “itch” ALL of them are trying to scratch right about now. (SMILES)


  2. awawawaw it just could get enough of our Ji_hoon RIGHT????
    well. open open and see it all over Ji_Hoom is just one of the SPECIAL Solider that give show many thing he can do i impress that each one of them learn something about Rain it not the WORLD always be this way… but as u see and what u learn from it u realized what important to other.. OUR RAIN is just who he is and gotta
    love his human being is…i know he is very GOOD LEADER among what they duty is but as reality Rain is the one make them HAPPY and saluted him more… that training he became more and more value to what expected who he deserved still even his fan or fan boy could help to how nice and sweet and focus person to men and DUTY . and i happy they get along with rain better each day they not just learn something about him but also love to be his Camp and like share think about who he really ans who is Rain all about now that what u see and get from rain.. ahahah he snore when he SLEEPING LOL… it cute to hear this oh if he ever snore on my bed i just have to put my ear on him and listing to him ahahah yes he could be so tried training and running at nigh COLD and all our men just being to tried .cute that his recuitments are sharing their experiences of who rain all doing ekekek i would love to hear what rain hide behind his body ahahahahah


  3. Thanks for sharing here,its so nice knowing this short story about RAIN^_^Litle bit funny but its cute story to heared like this.Now the people who didn’t know about Rain can testified how he is good guys in real.Very lucky whose w/ Rain at his batch & they can see who is Jihoon in real,so cute & funny that Rain snores while he is sleeping ekekeke….Maybe he is in deep sleeping & tired.Oooohhhh our lovely PRINCE it’s a long long way to finished your trainee,what more experienced you’ve been done inside of that camp???


  4. LOL, i knew it! Happy to know for sure that Jihoon is a snorerer, like me. Well, it depends on if I have a head cold or not, and if I don’t I still have a soft/light snore. I think it’s cute that his recuitments are sharing their experiences with Rain’s fans and they’re friends too.

    What a nice treat and thanks for the translation!


  5. awww!! so precious…I am not surprised to hear that he is a nice guy, but why folks gotta tell all his personal business?? deary me…to be a celebrity among the public. He’s got dis, though…


    • True that, it’s got to be nerve-wracking to be “on stage” all the time, even in the military… but then again, he’s probably well used to it by now and taking it in stride. Especially seeing as he hasn’t been able to even fart on his Twitter or say “Eh?” to a Tweetfriend without EVERYTHING being retweeted around the world in 10 seconds, ya know? LMAO *shaking my head*

      Agreed — he’s got dis. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  6. I read these posts yesterday. I always happy when I can read abuot Rain! He is a human like us and do everything like a human. Don’t wonder if he snore or do anything else. If only I could be beside it and I could look after him than his sister!


  7. Poor baby is that baby’s business is all “up in da” streets. (SMILES) He snores….the next account will be he farts. Now that one I can’t wait for. HA!


    • LOL..I cant wait for that part either BiAlamond..I can see it now…”not only does Jihoon snores but he also farts in his sleep” ….wow, that would be the highlight of the day 😀


  8. I’m so happy to see that all Jihoon’s clouds/fans writing to the recruits..I bet their faces just light up when they see the letters for them :D..I dont mean to sound crazy but I always wonder if Jihoon snores in his sleep LOL..go figure..he does..poor baby must be tired. 🙂


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