You know your mom’s a Cloud too, when…

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Last week: You’re driving down the road with “Rainism” on blast, windows down, and from the passenger seat she suddenly chants, “Ho… hey… ho… hey… ho… hey… hoooooo… heyyyy—Putcha hands UP!” directly at the motorist driving beside you. And throws her hands up.  Motorist reacts something like this:

Yesterday: You stay in the car for a minute after running errands, to listen to “Same” on your Back To The Basic mini-album. Brother comes to the back porch door just to make sure you’re not in distress or something (because you’re still in the car). She pokes her head out past him and shouts for the whole neighborhood to hear, “She must be listening to RAIN!!!”, and shuffles on out to the car to listen to the CD with you. LOL!

That’s my mama. (Wasn’t that the name of a show back in the 70s? Yep!)

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on November 23, 2011.

16 Responses to “You know your mom’s a Cloud too, when…”

  1. wwoowow mama was very so COOL… and if i have children react like i difinetly have a BLAHS out the neighborhood as well and he very got many age among his look all groove and ROCK with him that one think it make my so PROUD of Rain coz he know what other taste and felt like not to mention Mama would love to hear all about tell me all bout and let get it pooping ya…. ekekeke rain very bring such DELIGHT to many peoples AS REALITY RUN AHAHAHHA 🙂


  2. hello everyone, I lurk here everyday just so I can get my rain updates. I think my mom is a cloud too. this woman had me to replay the hip song vid performance when he does the hip dance. LOL! plus she tried to make me text the pic I had on my phone to hers.


  3. there are many mothers, like myself, that love BI!!!!…he has a really varied fan base…


  4. LMAO!!!!!! Who said moms can groove to new sounds? Lol!! I would love to know your dear Mom Stephe! I know she must be as awesome as her girl!! Is a nice feeling when you can share little things like music with your mom. Rain’s magic reach to everyone no matter their age!! He’s timeless! His voice is beautiful and his music is amazing with a
    unique beat! Rain 4Ever!!


    • LOL! She won’t listen to the radio or anything else when we’re out and about in the car, not anymore. She will only listen to Rain, and gets a mighty funky ATTITUDE if I’m slow putting a CD in. LMAO


      Stephe ^@@^


  5. hahaha sooo true!! I’ve made my mom a cloud…she asks me how he’s doing in the military and for me to play “Nan” for her…it’s her favourite Bi song! ^^


  6. I’m a mother like your mom! 🙂


  7. Wow! Mama so cool!


  8. lol what a fun mama you have there ^^


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