[images] Great minds think alike: Rain and the Black Eyed Peas. Boom, boom, boom!

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

My girl Fergie and fellow Black Eyed Peas and Rain and his Crew have both kicked major ass on stage this year, as always! We love them both, especially in their iced-up, virtual superhero/futuristic space get-ups. Rain and Fergie are killing it in gold, while the rest of the Peas and the Crew are blinging silver.

In my opinion, VERY COOL. What a lucky designer.

Proof positive that great minds and mega entertainers think alike. Bravo! ๐Ÿ˜€

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~ by Cloud USA on November 22, 2011.

11 Responses to “[images] Great minds think alike: Rain and the Black Eyed Peas. Boom, boom, boom!”

  1. Of course I loved their super hero outfits. I will say it looks way better on Rain and I’m in no way biased .
    I also love the dancer’s Christian Loubitons. Must be nice to be able to fork up $1000 or more for a pair of shoes to dance in. They could also have been sponsored, of course. They are hot and lucky her. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. just coincidence.of their OUTFIT…. but of curse i love these 2 HOT performance but i have to say RAIN RULE that outfit and he killed i just hope that they have to becareful in stage performance the same vibe costume the designer must have be aware of what they costume out i just saying that i just hope next time their be EYE OPEN …. but i love Rain he can BRING the best out his body and performance with that costume and i found that he very have such good quality of it… i read on the other fans state that Rain copy Black eye Peaces we… can’t blame him for he might don’t even on the other side have use this LIVE performance either i should say they such have good looking first NEXT time…


  3. Oh well, there’s no turning back, right? Rain gave to his outfit an oriental vibe and I think he was right in doing so. Fashion is fashion and sometimes these things do happen. Designers should be more careful cuz at the long run everybody wants to be unique and they take the blame for these outfits repetitions. Maybe the designer thought that Rain being in Asia the audience would be different to the Black Eye Peas’ audience but in these times of internet and globalization you get to see everything in YT or international news. The theory that the outfits are inspired in Michael Jackson is probably true too. Both Rain and The Black Eye Peas are fans of MJ and of course they look up to MJ but I think is just coincidence. Nothing is new these days, everything we see now have its origins in something old.


    • I agree. EVERYTHING under the sun in rooted in “something old” hence the saying “Everything old is new again.” There are only so many ways to make things different and unique. As you said with the World Wide Web in the mix, there’s nothing that can’t be seen or copied globally within seconds. Besides, it’s not like folks are going to run in droves to purchase their very own “Outer Limits” jumpsuit and matching kicks. Well, that’s unless you want to get your inner Hans Solo on. I mean anything is possible, I suppose. I understand being fashion forward and all, but This look I’ll leave to “ShowBidness.” (SMILES)


  4. Stephe, Terri.
    I watched the livestream and loved it. I was late getting on and couldn’t remember my password so I could write what I was feeling. I just wanted to say it was great. You girls and the rest of the staff did a super job on all that was seen. You all are the best for Rain and his fans. Unbelieveable. Thanks so much.


  5. Wow i stumbled upon the black eyed peas pics a few weeks ago and said Dang those outfits r exactly the same. I had the pics side by side lookin n comparing. But thats jus how the industys is. Celebrities where similar costumes all the time. I mean lady gagas stuff b a replica of some ol school madonna gear all the time. Also the usher omg concert i went to usher had a similar outfit to Rain n wil i ams. But guess who the main inspiration is from? MICHAEL JACKSON. It reflects the outfits he was going to wear for the This Is It concert. He also wore full gold body armor at the HIStory tour in the early 90’s. So i feel this is the way for the 3 Men to pay homage to their #1 inspiration The King Of Pop.


  6. Obviously.

    But the only outfits that are almost the same are Rain’s and Wiil’s. The other girl and guy outfits are completely different.

    Stephe ^@@^


  7. Well obviously they both hired the same designer, person lacks some imagination as both costumes are exact except for the gold and silver.

    LOL hope they never have to do a concert together. Worse thing possible to show up in the same outfit (wink)


  8. Same designer? Wow, that is a coincidence. ๐Ÿ™‚


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