U.S. Cloud on the Street: Finding Rain on his home turf.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Hello, all…! How’s your Monday?

Here’s the latest from fashion maven and CloudUSAer April, a.k.a. Pinkfashionninja, who is now living in Samcheok, teaching and studying in South Korea. She ain’t “in Kansas” anymore! What do you have to show us this time, April? You’ve got the floor! 😀 (I want Rain  in my purse carrying around my tissues! Wahhhh.) ^@@^

°     °     °

(Editorial and images credit: April @Cloud USA) 

Adidas pics taken from a store in Korea not far from Seoul. They were taken by my friend Jessica (who I met at the Rain Gangnam concert!)

I recently picked up the It’s Raining CD and OMG, it’s the best CD I think he’s ever done. So soulful. It reminds me of an old Destiny’s Child CD. I bought it out here in Samcheok.

My cellphone wallpaper that my students constantly teased me about. I recently changed it to a more weather appropriate picture (although his shirt is still open). 🙂

A Flight: Close To The Sun advertisement in the Chungmuro/Namsang area of Seoul, at Daehan Cinema.

The scarf and tissue holder I bought in Namsang. There was a table outside of the Namsang Folk Village (a tourist place you can visit) that was selling KPop merchandise. They also had a Rain coffee mug and stickers. The mug cost $10, so I was like “Oh hell naw.” LOL

~ by Cloud USA on November 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “U.S. Cloud on the Street: Finding Rain on his home turf.”

  1. Nice goods!


  2. How lucky you were to find his “It’s raining” cd. I went to various places in Seoul and some other cities to buy his previous (old?) cds but I was always told they didn’t have them. I was able to buy his “Back to the Basic” and “Rainism” only. Not the ones prior to “Rainism” cd. I do like his previous songs produced by JYP, but… No such luck. I am very happy for you, April.
    By the way, I live in Lenexa, Kansas. Work in KC downtown. Visit Korea twice a year regulary to see my family and friends.


  3. Wow I love everything shown!!!!!


  4. That is sooo cool.


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