[ETA UPDATE: Putting it all together…] [Cloud USA Project/calendar] See You Soon, Soldier: A Yellow Ribbon for Rain

~ Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Lovely Clouds,

Our Yellow Ribbon For Rain deadline has now passed and we are working on our calendar presentation now.

FYI, we have made the decision to continue to take latecomer submissions until this next Saturday, November 26, at midnight, EST.  This is simply to ensure that everyone has been given ample time and opportunity to participate, if they are so inclined.

If you do decide to make a late submission, then please put the following in your e-mail subject line:  LATE SUBMISSION YELLOW RIBBON.  This is so your submission won’t be missed among the many e-mails in our inbox.

Thanks to all of you who have already sent us your submissions.  We greatly appreciate your participation.  Some people have inquired about second submissions.  If you’ve already submitted something, but have another idea you’d like to submit as well, then please feel free to send us a second submission.  Please put the following in your e-mail subject line:  SECOND SUBMISSION YELLOW RIBBON.

Please keep in mind that all of the first-come submissions will be used first, so your second submission might not make it in the calendar, if we run out of room.  If you’d like to switch your second submission with your first, then please let us know and we will do that for you.

For those of you who are out there who haven’t yet submitted because you are a little intimidated by this project, please keep in mind that your submission doesn’t have to be professional or complicated.  As long as your message to Rain comes from your heart, that’s absolutely all that matters.

Visit our original Yellow Ribbon for Rain Calendar Post for project rules and details.

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on November 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “[ETA UPDATE: Putting it all together…] [Cloud USA Project/calendar] See You Soon, Soldier: A Yellow Ribbon for Rain”

  1. Terri, Check the “LetitRain” email (Yellow Ribbon for Rain project). I sent something.


  2. Wow EXCITED…can’t wait to see the finished product. I know Bi will be pleased. Maybe one day he’ll tell us personally, wouldn’t that be awesome? (SMILES)


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