[Rain update][info] Where to write Private JiHoon Jung beginning November 18.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain fans, please see the updates below concerning where you can write JiHoon during his next three weeks of training, since he has graduated his initial five weeks of boot camp. We thank the Cloud Executive Board and our sister Clouds for this translated information.

Blue 8th Cloud members, PLEASE note: We’re not sure yet if the military designation we’ve been using for JiHoon (12중대 2소대 1번 정지훈 훈련병 OR 12중대 2소대 1번 정지훈 훈련병에게 ) has changed or not—it may not have at this time. As soon as we do know, we’ll spill the beans here. In the meantime, do keep using it and posting your letters of encouragement to JiHoon in the Cloud Letter Room on Rain’s official fan site regularly, so that The Cloud can continue transferring them over to the Key Cafe on Daum for him. Thanks!


JiHoon’s address at the 2nd Battalion’s 2nd recruit training center.

Posted by the 8th Cloud Executive Board, 11/18/2011:

SNAIL MAIL/Post Office

경기도 연천군 연천읍 상1리 사서함 106-16호 8210부대 2대대 제2신병교육대대
5중대 2소대 34번 교육생 (trainee) 정지훈 (Jung Ji Hoon)
/ 우편번호 (zip code : 486-859)


(The 5th Division Key Cafe on Daum, local Korean Clouds only. After logging on to the Key unit site, please get access as below.)



Posted by Cuckoo @The Cloud English Talk Board, 11/18/2011

I suggest USA fans may use this version. Print it and put on your envelope, it should work. Korean postman should understand it easily.

경기도 연천군 연천읍 상1리 사서함 106-16호
8210부대 2대대 제2신병교육대대
5중대 2소대 34번 교육생 정지훈
South Korea, Zip Code: 486-859


Posted by SunnyHa @TwitLonger / Tip: CloudUnite, 11/19/2011 KST

~ by Cloud USA on November 20, 2011.

5 Responses to “[Rain update][info] Where to write Private JiHoon Jung beginning November 18.”

  1. Thank you sharing these informations, again! They are very useful! 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharning. And Happy Turkey Day.


  3. Thank you. Cut & Paste is my specialty. As is Print, Cut & Paste.


  4. Stephe
    is this mean as for me i can print this and cut the pager and clues the address on envelope and i can mail out for Rain for next 3 week right???
    this is the current address for Rain continue to mail his encourage letter


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