[Eng trans] Tweets abound: Brothers and me #2, full circle.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain, Ronnie, and Kim TaeWoo at yesterday’s boot camp graduation event… and twelve years ago, chillin’ and feeling that Bro Vibe when they were oh, so young. Amazing, the power of these two pictures when they’re right next to each other like this, as if history has come full circle. Thanks so much for sharing these, Ronnie.

Thumbs up to our Beret Baby! Our hearts are happy to see you, JiHoon, and we like what we see. And congrats to you, Big Tae, on your upcoming marriage and Little Tae on the way. So excited for you! ^@@^

(Tweets and Images source: noniboy23 @Twitpic, 11.17.2011 / English translations by rain bird @rain-eu.)

noniboy23 Ronnie Yang

오늘날.. 오래도록 변치않을 우정.. pic.twitter.com/s2RP2PDD

“Nowadays…Our deep and abiding friendship.”

noniboy23 Ronnie Yang

옛 생각이납니다.. 12년전.. http://pic.twitter.com/RhKnl2XL

“That reminds me of the past….12 years ago…”

~ by Cloud USA on November 18, 2011.

13 Responses to “[Eng trans] Tweets abound: Brothers and me #2, full circle.”

  1. I have been so busy lately only able to stop, view, smile, and keep going. I now have to take this time to that you again for continuing to keep us updated and posting new information about our JiHoon. I am so proud of him as always and knew, of course, that he would and will continue to excel at anything he does. I have never felt the need to worry about JiHoonie. Thank you guys again for your amazing posts!

    But, oh, the absolute smexiness that will reveal itself in 2013………I’m forever waiting for him…..


  2. hi? i am chena im a fan of rain for 8yrs.. its true that he will get married?
    hmmm i hope before he get married i could see him..


  3. hi?I am chena im a fan of rain for 8yrs. its true that he is goin to married..?
    i hope before he get married i could see him..


  4. I love that they’ve been good friends for years. May their friendship last many more years…


  5. where they meet before? were they JYP pupils?


  6. such a BRO… and true friendship rain have ever they always keep him in mind and care for rain make me even happy and felt like a warm brother to me & Rain ekekeek it very beautiful to see them love Rain and how friendship they are for pass 10 yrs oh truly melting me away….


  7. Nothing like friendships, and Congrats to Kim Tae. Thank you Ronnie for sharing. 🙂


  8. Thanks for sharing Stephe ^^


  9. It’s beautiful to see friendships last like this. Congratulations to Kim Tae on his future nuptials (wow lil Tae is already on the way…What?!… and Korea’s not up in arms?) Shocking! (*SMILES*)


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