[ETA Eng trans] Tweets abound: Victory sign! Rain’s father and sister attend his boot camp graduation.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

° Edited to Add: Please see the translations below of Mr. Kichun’s earlier tweets, Clouds and fans. He still seems upset about having to see JiHoon off to the military, almost as if he personally sent him away himself, aww… but very happy to see his son again.

What he has tweeted doesn’t bother me, and I’ll tell you why. As parents, we are super-sensitive when it comes to our kids. Heck, when my son comes back from competition with a sprain, you’d think by my reaction that he’d lost a limb or something. 🙂 Kichun-ssi is no different, and that’s okay. He should be concerned. He should be trying to watch over his kid and noticing every little thing that might be different. I think son was a little leaner than daddy expected him to be. That’s all.

And while we’re on that subject… Rain has danced through a whole concert tour with a fractured arm, part of another with an injured knee, etc. I’m pretty sure he can handle a sprain, especially with the infirmary looking after it. He’ll be fine. ^@@^

(English translations in the order they were tweeted, by rain bird @rain-eu.)

1) Hahaha..I think I’m going to go back to school….! Oops..I realize there are just too many typos when I reread what I wrote…kekeke

2) My son was promoted to a private (today, the 17th) after the five-week military basic training. He will be asked to receive an additional three week training to formally become a soldier. Everyone, let’s congratulate him for his hard work.

3) I met my son today. He looked more pathetic rather than manly, though I didn’t know why. My heart ached. He was only brought to my attention as it made me think, he was definitely the most outstanding figure in the crowd of solders. Looking at him, tears were (suddenly) welling up in my eyes. I was totally numb. I just looked at him..! I thank him for bearing with patience. I am concerned about his health. He showed no sign of pain even though he must have been suffering from ankle pain because of sprained ankle while training.

4) Thank you, all of my son’s fans. I’m home from the completion ceremony. My son’s face was gaunt when I saw him. I couldn’t take any snapshot of him eating earlier on because I was so tied up. He and his friends enjoyed your hearty food (a total of 24 people).


JiHoon’s father and sister did indeed tweet after seeing him at his boot camp graduation ceremony, and we all across the Rainiverse are very appreciative. Thanks so much, you two! ♥ If English translations are made available, dear fans, we’ll bring those to you in this post.

(Tweet and Images credit: Kichun Jung / kichun4379 @Twitter)


(Tweet and Image source: marciahana / daisybong @Twitter)

아빠한테 질수없음 ㅋㅋㅋ 그러나 난 이 사진뿐임 ㅋㅋㅋ http://yfrog.com/h3e08opj

“I would never lose to my daddy (in photographic competition)…kekeke..But I have nothing but this picture..kekeke”

~ by Cloud USA on November 17, 2011.

11 Responses to “[ETA Eng trans] Tweets abound: Victory sign! Rain’s father and sister attend his boot camp graduation.”

  1. Yes, JiHoony is thin and he worries me a bit but I remember when my hubbie came out of training and he looked gaunt like that. My hubbie was in the shubby side so it was more dramatic for me to see him like that. But after he came home, he ate well and gained back to a normal weight in a short period of time. We have to understand that in the military they’re not playing around, we are talking about war here so they prepare their soldiers for harsh situations. Regarding the sprained ankle, that worries me more cuz he’s a dancer and with the cold you don’t feel as well so he will have to be careful to not harm it further. My heart goes to his dad cuz it must be awful to see his son go, be hungry, cold, thin and hurt and not being able to do a darn thing. Ugh I shudder just thinking about it!


  2. Parent will always worry and concern about their childre for as long as they lives and particlure Asia parents if I might say so.they will still reminds you to be careful when we cross the street even when we were 80, haha if we live this long?not to mention having a son like JiHoon, I’d want to be his manager so I can watch over him at all time. Hahaha. Wouldn’t you? Thx for sharing and Pa, that’s LOVE.


  3. I can just imagine his dad being all, “Yah! You’re so skinny!!” Lol aww… I’m sure most of us know how concerned parents can be…


  4. Awww, Papa is so proud of his baby boy. Parental love is a beautiful thing. No matter what they went through in the past the love is obviously there, that’s why Daddy gets choked up so easily.


  5. Thank you for sharing. I love being kept up to date with our boy while he’s in the military.


  6. I AM NOT SURPRISE read from his dad tweet of their concern about Rain…
    i am PROUD he honor to this AWARD of RESPECTIVE SOLIDER … but on other hand … 🙂 well,to be HONEST i NOT TO HAPPY with the WEIGHT LOSES & SPRAINED ANKLE he get while he in that Training he maybe a night shift DUTY it must even more WORK then Morning yet it so COLD out their he loses weight and thinner like NA actually much more thinner then that if u look carefully no BIAS …. here i just speak what i see and concern his dad is RIGHT … and i hope rain move from that place stay another 2 or 3 week heck i more sad… rain always wanted to give his best 110% to please all men and his peoples WHAT ABOUT HIS HEALTH is their any concern n LIST,….. uh????????
    btw… after 19 he come to fifth 5 Division i curious wondering where is that ???


  7. Thanks so much for sharing this… I too have mixed feelings and understand as a parent, how Kichun ssi feels. He can’t help but be concerned for his son. I am so proud of JiHoon, and happy to see recent pics of how he is doing.
    JiHoony – Aja, Aja, Fighting…!


  8. Being an only parent, one cannot be stopped but be overly concerned for his only son. I would be also. I can’t help but feel sympathetic towards Mr. Jung Kichun, he is such a good, loving and thoughtful father,


  9. I wish we could’ve seen some video footage of the graduation ceremony. It’s something that we all would’ve liked to shared with his family, but coming from family with members in the military, I know how restricted that commencement is.


  10. Since,we saw again Rain how he glad to his 1st achievement on his boot camp graduation.Well he is really happy to see his families & friends attending his 1st venture in military.Rain still looking so good & no changing at all i mean still gorgeous & handsome….GO GO GO RAIN…Thanks to Cloud USA for sharing here….


  11. oh he’s soooo handsome! can’t wait to see what they’re saying in korean. ^^


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