Tweets abound: After five full weeks… Rain and his dad to be together again.

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Enjoy your visit with JiHoon, Kichun씨 ! Bless your heart, your lack of sleep is certainly understandable. Be comforted, because you don’t have long before you will be hugging your son.

We look forward to your after-ceremony Tweet! *so excited* 😀

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~ by Cloud USA on November 15, 2011.

17 Responses to “Tweets abound: After five full weeks… Rain and his dad to be together again.”

  1. Hi Terri, I was browsing thru some old comments regarding Rain and was very shocked that u answered or tried to ease my comment. I thought comments were made and that was the end of it. I must say I agree with Maynetita. Where was Rains father when Rain, his mom and sister was in that cold house, no food and no medicine for the moms diabetes. If the father was working in Brazil, why didnt he send money home to take care of them. Rain said himself that, “he went for days not eating, he starved.” I saw a documentary and JYP was talking and he said that Rain came to practice one day and said he needed help with his mom. When they arrived, Rains mom was lying on a cold floor dying. I understand Rain forgave his father and I also said I supported Rains decision. True, none of us was there and dont really know what happened but why would JYP lie about what happened and why was Rain angry with his father, father failed the family. Terri, thanks for ur comments, its nice to be heard. Rain I hope u perform again in Las Vegas in 2013


  2. I am extremely late with this comment because I didn’t see this issue in 2011. Rain has a big heart which I knew already and in order for him to move on with his life and not let the past hold him back, he forgave his father. Me personally, I could not. I would respect my father but that is as far as I could go with it. For Rain, his mother and his sister to suffer financially the way they did because of the father’s absence and negligence is unforgiveable. Now his father wants to be in his life now that Rain is a superstar. Rain I commend you for forgiving your father, that makes you a better person than he which I already knew. Good luck with your relationship with your father, I support you with this because I just love and adore you.


    • Kerry,

      Thank you for your comment.

      None of us really know what happened in the Jung household during that terrible time in Rain’s life. However, during all of my research for Rain’s bio here on Cloud USA, I did not find a single piece of evidence that indicated Rain’s dad left his family because he had decided to abandon them. Nor have I found any evidence that he was intentionally negligent. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t abandon them or that he wasn’t negligent. All that means is that I didn’t find any evidence of those things.

      The official story is that Mr. Jung left his family behind in South Korea and went to Brazil to find work, because his companies (a mill and a bakery business) had gone bankrupt and he could not find work. At the time, South Korea was in a recession. Lots of businesses failed and lots of people lost their jobs. Mr. Jung was said to have been one of those people.

      Also, Rain’s dad didn’t return after Rain was a superstar. He came back as soon as he realized his wife was gravely ill. It’s my understanding that he didn’t make it back until after his wife’s funeral, which was terribly unfortunate. Still, he was certainly back in Rain’s life before his debut, which was well before he became a superstar. The two of them may not have been talking much, because Rain was really really angry at his father. But Mr. Jung did come back to be by his children’s sides at some point–and he has stayed there.

      Certainly, we will never know exactly what really happened in the Jung family, or why, because that information is private. Still, from our own lives and the difficulties we all face from time to time, we should understand that life is not always simple and that some of the choices we have to make as parents are not always easy.

      Rain knows his father’s heart well. Rain has said that he has forgiven his father. He has also said, time and time again, that he loves and trusts his father and worries about him. So, it’s clear to me that Mr. Jung has succeeded in doing his part to make amends to his family. Which is wonderful not just for Mr. Jung, but also for the rest of the Jung family.

      I certainly do understand where you are coming from, though. (More than you’ll ever know.)

      Terri :-}


  3. Forgot what I said about rain’s dad (he’s not even a star to spend time talking about him) I only will say I respect too much ran’s job, he’s a great singer, dancer, actor and model and I think he’s a wonderful person too.

    Hey, don’t forget that he can be an angel. (A hide angel).


  4. I swear I want to just hug his dad. U can tell he loves his son a lot. On the other hand I really get the estranged family thing, as I haven’t talked to my father in yrs by my choice. Must have been difficult for Rain to forgive him, so I give him props. As Bia said, who knows what really went on in their family back then or even now.


    • When I was growing up my dad and I were apart for a few years not by my choice but his. It was really hard and as a child you don’t see the whole picture so I can understand a bit of Rain’s feelings. Is something you carry with u forever, specially if your mom suffered a lot. My mom and I survived thanks to family but Rain didn’t even had that. When you get to be an adult you see your past from another perspective and you learn to forgive but the scars remain in your heart. You can never really forget everything but you learn to live with it.


  5. I truly wondered about where his dad was during his mother’s dead. Now I kinda have an idea, thanks. My father was a Merchant Marine for 25 years while I was growing up and he was gone alot. My mother is a stong and wonderful woman and basically had to raise three children by herself. I have friends that their dads left their family when they were young and they found it in their hearts to forgive their dads. So (even though I had my dad in my life) I guess a father’s love is needed and wanted by their children, no matter what when down.


    • Gee, at one point in my late teens my Dad and I had a disagreement it resulted in me not speaking to him for almost a year. PRIDE kept us from talking all that time, but the love never ceased. My father was always a part of my life, from birth to death and you are absolutely right. A child needs love from both parents. Your father lays the foundation and mother nurtures so everything can take root in that foundation (IMHO). Was my dad perfect, of course not. But to me he was my hero, even through his imperfections and I never would I want another father other than him.


  6. I am really happy that finally Rain is going to see his family again. I’m sure Rain miss them terribly cuz family is family no matter what! You know, I understand maynetita’s view and I thought about it several times. It ain’t easy to forget that Rain’s mom die cuz his father was away in another country. What happened that Rain’s dad didn’t kept communication with his family knowing that his wife was sick? Why he didn’t left someone he could trust to keep an eye on them? I don’t know, but what I do know is that poverty and life can get you into desperate situations. I learned somewhere that Rain’s dad lost his bakery store due to a recession in Korea. This is something you can’t prevent easily. So maybe Rain as a son with an adult view saw the whole situation and forgave his dad. Is a shame Rain’s mom die the way she did but it would be worst that Rain also loose his dad’s love and
    company over something that can’t be change.


  7. Everybody talk about how sweet and lovely is his father. That make me think where he was when rain was a teenager and ate spaguetti with milk for a week? or when he was living in that cold apartment without heat with a little sister and a sick mom. I know Rain deserve his father’s love, but it make me sick to hear everybody saying “his lovely dad” . When he really needed he wasn’t there for him. I wish he was there before and erase all bad times for rain’s family.
    Sorry if I offend somebody, but it’s what I think.


    • I hear where you’re coming from, yeah. There certainly were some bad feelings between them for a good while, that’s for sure. Very sad…

      At least JiHoon was able to forgive him (which leads me to believe that at some point, Mr. Kichun had to have asked for his forgiveness and for a chance to make up for the past). I remember on a Holiday idol/variety show on TV, around the beginning of 2009, JiHoon actually looked into the camera at the end of the show and told his father that he forgave him. Pretty powerful stuff…

      If he can give his dad a break, I can too…

      Stephe ^@@^


    • I’d like to add that whatever Rain has said publicly is only going to be a portion of what actually went on in his family home. None of us will ever know everything that happened in their home completely, as well we shouldn’t. It’s really not our business truth be told. I think everyone probably has one or two regrets they can recall in our own lives. So, I agree with Stephe’s point. If Bi can forgive his father for whatever has happened between them, then I personally don’t feel it’s my place to judge it. Not his family stuff.


      • @Bia
        Amen !! SISTER… well said
        i know eveboody have hard time in life and what ever happen we can BLAME for judge his family that their own business i would better to dust it out either and i know how much it meaningful for rain enough to get his Father and Family together and back the most important is he have someone who care and their for him thank for him and he forgive the pass that is truly a HUMBLE men i even envy more and we could new what happen to them all i know i will love him and his family and supporting rain to end that is my word for it…Rain is truly a WORLD-STAR and what more is make his fan love him even more and what u see what u get !!


    • Maynetita,

      I get where you are coming from. However, my take on this is that if Rain has forgiven his Dad for whatever caused him pain, then who are we as complete strangers to judge? It is clear that their relationship has been mended well and they are a tight-knit family now. So, I think that whatever happened in the past has been dealt with and they have moved on to a better place.

      And all I can say is good for them.

      Terri :-}


  8. wowo i want to thank all Rain fans for a THOUGHTFULNESS care about Rain and papare his FOODS for rain i bet our man very happy for this
    knowing his fan will see him and yet his SWEET Pap will see him last time before they move him again it very TOUCH my heat this so nice see how much they serious care for him what a BLESS by many love by his dad and fan rain surly DESERVED this i am PROUD they give him warm feeling for his food and anything that come to rain is SPECIAL ..
    and YES congrats to Rain i can’t wait where are their next Camp be ahahah


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