Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Fresh images from the Soar: Into The Sun/Flight: Close To The Sun movie press con in Busan, during the BIFF this past October. Most handsome! (Images: as tagged, courtesy of rainstorm, Osaka)


Lovely captures from Rain’s Last of the Best, October 9. (courtesy of touchya)


Aww! He’s just FOREVER YOUNG! Look at that. ♥ ♥ (courtesy of rainstorm, Osaka)


GORGEOUS screen captures from last spring 2010, during Rain’s Back To The Basic comeback, on SBS Inkigayo. (courtesy of RainAngel)

~ by Cloud USA on November 15, 2011.

6 Responses to “Rain check.”

  1. […] Bi’s Press Confererence For His Film “Into the Sun” In October 2011 (Before he enlisted) […]


  2. god..hes forevr young…realy!!


  3. Sooo darn cute, handsome and sexylicious!! He looks a bit older in what? Twelve years, right? Gawd he can still pass for a high school boy!! Amazing!! It must be the Kimchi!! Lol!! Love the last pict cuz you can see Rain’s hot hips!! Gahhh Mercy!!!!! *.*


  4. he just so RUGGEDLY HANDSOME in that Presscon of new movie his STUNNING alway leave me Breathlessssssssss AND DASHING gotta love this men i can’t wait to see rain coming back whole new look and different person who he is mature and whaoooooo
    oh…. that Nan i wish i can ask for more of that if u know what i mean awwawaaw geeseeee why can’t any guy prof like him uh??? way to sexicious and if i ever get my hand lay on him oh be up in the kitchen ya…….. :P)
    SBS Inkigayo
    he so HANDSOME i see boyish in him mean making me fall in love with his ordinary simply outfit more ahahahahah *Sigh*


  5. Owwh tht sbs inkigayo ^^


    • Thanks, miho! ^__^ I had just watched a video from Music Core when I typed that, hahaha! 😛 (it even says inkigayo on the screen shot, doopy stephe LOL)

      Stephe ^@@^


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