[article] Korean drama Full House: More than just a romantic comedy.

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Clouds and Rain fans in Malaysia rejoice! Looks like you’ll be watching Full House again on your local, cable, and satellite networks. Thumbs up. 🙂


New Straits Times 11/15/2011 — By NUR AQIDAH AZIZI (nur@nst.com.my)

Aerial talk: More than just rom-com

It has been remade twice and won awards. And now there’s a plan for a sequel. So what makes Korean drama series Full House, such a success?

The answer can be anything, from a good storyline to catchy soundtracks, but one thing for sure, Full House has all the right ingredients to draw the audience.

While romantic comedy is its theme, it also strikes a balance between light action and tear-jerking drama, making fans laugh and cry at the same time.

Lead actors Song Hye-kyo and Rain have great chemistry, so much so that they won Best Couple award at the 2004 KBS Drama Awards.

Full House is about naive, aspiring scriptwriter Han Ji-eun (Song) who lives in her home called Full House, built by her late father.

One day, her two best friends trick her into believing that she had won a free vacation trip. When she is away, they sell her house.

On the plane, she meets a famous actor, Lee Young-Jae (Rain). When she returns, Han is shocked to find out that her house has been sold to Lee and that she has to work as a maid in the house to buy it back.

Things get messy and Lee offers Han a six-month marriage contract with him. In return, he will return the house to her.

Their love-hate relationship is fun to watch, especially when they childishly fight each other to protect their territory in the house.

Rain is a natural as the romantic protective husband in public. Fans love how the couple’s relationship evolves.

The impact of the series was so huge that a Filipino drama with the same title was made in 2009 featuring Richard Gutierrez and Heart Evangelista. Vietnam too had its version of the series in 2009.

Although we’ve yet to come out with a local remake, Full House was just as popular when it first aired on a local station a few years ago.

Izwan Pilus’ “Kembali Senyum” is a local version of the theme song “Why”.

The series returns on weekdays at midnight on 8TV.

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4 Responses to “[article] Korean drama Full House: More than just a romantic comedy.”

  1. Young-Jae is such a “loud and blustery” guy, but Ji-Eun sets him “straight”! I love the way she stands up to him and makes him aware of how she feels about the way he treats her. The grandma is one of my favorite characters too—-her version of “Three Bears” is a riot!


  2. sooooo true….i wish theyll play it in india too..best kdrama evr..


  3. and the drama is where I first lay my eyes on Rain an have laid my eyes on him ever since .


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