[Cloud USA] K-Pop is King and Terri is Queen at Madison Square Garden.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain sold out his Madison Square Garden venue in 2006.

As you all know by now, our Cloud USA road trip vacation to Manhattan turned into on-location work when Terri suddenly had to cover the SM Town Live press conference after we got there. But hey, who’s complaining? Nobody in this corner! 🙂

Terri’s extensive coverage, K-Pop is King at Madison Square Garden—for a day, anyway is now up on HelloKpop, so go give it lots of love, KPop and Rain fans! (Yes, she DID manage to inject RAIN into the article, and rightly so, though I did tease her about that, heheh! *wink* Some Rain facts were needed to keep the air clear concerning the subject of MSG and first artists and all. And yes, she absolutely gave SME a good telling off too… in a nice way. Way to go, Ter.)

Below are a couple of my favorite parts of the article.  I hope you enjoy them too. (I adored the girls from Minneapolis who sat in front of us. Katie, Amanda, Sara, and Amanda #2 made the concert even more fun.)

Don’t forget to hop over and read the real thing. Do not miss it. Terri’s coverage rules!

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / cloudusa.org


(Images and article excerpts from K-Pop is King at Madison Square Garden reposted with permission from TerriKR @HelloKPop)

Super Junior’s Leeteuk speaks on behalf of his colleagues at the SM Town Live press conference:

Terri: My name is Terri, and I’m from hellokpop.com. [The whole group start saying hi to me in English. It was cute and it took me by surprise.] LOL. Okay. Hi. Hi. 🙂 It is our understanding that ticket sales for your show tonight have been phenomenal. Congratulations. I think this afternoon, there were only 153 tickets left. In the past, you’ve performed for audiences on the west coast, but tonight you’re about to perform for an entirely different audience here on the east coast. Do you have anything special planned for your east coast fans?”

Leeteuk: (in Korean) “Regardless of where we perform, we are always flattered to have so many fans rooting for us. Last night, when we were at the hotel, there were so many fans of ours outside shouting and showing us a lot of love. Because of that, we’re going to try to sing much better. Hopefully, this will give us the strength to do so.”

Hellokpop.com’s Fan Interview at SMTown Live World Tour NYC:

Terri: “Okay, we’re here at SMTown Live World Tour in New York City, at Madison Square Garden, and we’re going to talk for a few minutes to some of the fans. If you’d like to give us your name?”

Amanda One: “Sure. My name is Amanda.”

Katie: “And I’m Katie.”

Amanda Two: “And I’m another Amanda.”

Terri: “Okay, that’s interesting. And what’s your name?”

Sara: “I’m Sara.”

Terri: “Great. Thanks. Okay, I know I probably shouldn’t ask this, but who is your favorite group? [FYI, they were all wearing homemade shirts with ALL of the groups’ names on them. LOL.]”

Katie: Well, my favorite group is Super Junior.”

Amanda One: “I got into K-Pop after seeing Super Junior’s Don’t Don video. I was at a party and someone played it and I saw them and I fell in love in a heartbeat. So, then after learning about Super Junior, I started learning about DBSK/TVXQ and then got into Girls’ Generation. From there it expanded and now I’m an avid follower of 4Minute and BigBang and all of the SMTown artists.”

Katie: “And I got into it because my sister [Amanda One] introduced me to them, and so that’s how I got into K-Pop. I like Girls’ Generation as well. Super Junior is awesome. SHINee is amazing. So, I guess I just followed my sister.”

Amanda One: “The four of us sitting here, we’re from Minnesota. Came all the way from Minneapolis.”

Amanda Two: “Currently, I know some of the Super Junior songs, but what really brought us in [her and Sara] was SHINee.

Terri: “So, how did you get into K-Pop?”

Amanda Two: Mostly through the Internet, we’ve found a lot of K-Pop and J-Pop. We’ve also learned about it through friends. I also have a lot of Japanese friends, who are foreign exchange students at Saint Cloud State University, where we go to school. They would come in and are like ‘Oh, listen to this! It’s K-Pop!” We have two girls there who are super excited about Girls’ Generation. So, when we play Gee, they want to dance with us. They get really excited that we are from Minnesota and Americans and still know things that they know. They find that pretty exciting.”

Amanda One: “Yeah, it’s really hard in Minnesota to find other people that like Japanese and Korean music. It’s a very small number of people. So, it’s really amazing for me to be able to come to a venue of this size and see so many people in the United States like me who are as in love with these artists as I am. It’s really cool.”

All: Yeah! Yeah! [All of the other girls wholeheartedly agree!]

Amanda One: It’s really neat to see.

Terri: “Well, thank you ladies for the quick chat. It looks like they are going to start soon. So, I guess we have to stop now.”

Amanda One: “Yeah. I’m super excited and I can’t wait for this show to start!”

Katie: “I know, right? It’s running super late!”

Terri: Well, here’s my card. [Passing out cards.] Please come and visit us online at hellokpop.com and look for your interview to be posted soon.

~ by Cloud USA on November 7, 2011.

10 Responses to “[Cloud USA] K-Pop is King and Terri is Queen at Madison Square Garden.”

  1. Can’t manage to get to the hellokpop link provided. Not sure if i’s my crappy connection(cos mine’s totally crappy atm) or link no longer valid?


  2. Congrads on your article and encounter. I am just happy to know someone famous. 🙂 Great job!


    • Ah ha ha, Gee.

      More like infamous, my dear. :-}

      And thank you.

      I tell you, when you’re trying to cover a news event, it’s always fast and furious, and you have to be really focused, or you’ll miss opportunities to get the coverage you are looking for. So, basically, it was totally impossible for me to fan girl at all during the entire concert event. I was just too in the zone.

      BUT the next day, when I saw the pictures of TVXQ on my own camera that I had taken, I totally started hyperventilating and screamed at Stephe, “OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG! Max and Yunho smiled at me and Leeteuk answered my question! :-}

      Terri :-}


  3. So cool to see my hometown Mpls represent, yeahya! Thanks Terri 😉


    • Lotus,

      It was truly my pleasure.

      Somehow, I managed to not totally fangirl at the press conference and got a few good pics of the different groups for all of you K-Pop fans out there. The cool thing was that I actually got to ask hellokpop.com’s question at the press conference. Only 4 press members were allowed to ask questions and I was one of them. That was a total miracle, I thought.

      And yes, just so you know, they are seriously ALL a LOT more handsome and prettier in person. :-}



      • I’m very happy and proud for you Terri I think its awesome you were chosen but after all your no amateur my sister 😉 And all us at CloudUSA know that. Way to go…. 🙂


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