8 Responses to “[Rain update][fan accounts] First Class Marksman JiHoon Jung!”

  1. All I can say is, “Ya doing it Baby, Go Head Baby”! So very proud of him! ^-^


  2. He’s amazing!! Soo proud of him!! No matter where Rain goes, he leaves people in awe!! Even in the military!! 😀


  3. He must have said to himself “I am getting That telephone call home Jack, targets be damned.” (SMILES)


  4. awwawawa the BEST BUS so EPIC i would love to see this fanacam ekekek if POSSIBLE HAPPEN oh that make smile oh their rain have his own good time too LOVE IT!! SO EPIC indeed……………..ahahahahahahhahm 🙂 oh Rain i miss that SHYNESS of him such a cute one


  5. It is truly raining all over the army base. Way to go Seoul brother.


  6. The sun will shine again with great intensity .. and this is just the beginning !!Rain is so perfect and so modest!! … I am very proud 🙂 !!Rainisim ♪ ..oh Rainisim ♬


  7. I am so proud and happy for him that he is doing so well. Yes indeed he is a World Class Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I am indeed so proud of Soldier JiHoon Jung..Really a World STAR..He shines where ever he goes..GO RAIN..it’s RAIN


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