[article] Soldier check: JiHoon Jung (Rain) excels, is a first class marksman.

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Yonhap News 11/6/2011 — [brief English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.] 

Rain is chosen as a first-class marksman, displaying a superb shooting performance during the rifle drills

Rain received a perfect score in day and evening rifle drills, each.

Singer and actor Rain who entered the military last 11th, has been chosen as a first-class marksman, displaying a superb shooting performance during the rifle drills.

According to the material submitted by the Ministry of Defense released on the 6th, 19 of 20 targets and 10 of 10 went down before Rain’s shooting at a training camp for recruits, called ‘Key’, on the day and night of the 26, respectively, and he received a perfect score.

Usually, over 18 of 20 shots and over 9 of 10 are admitted as perfect scores on day and night shoots, each.

Ahead of his release from the [boot] camp upcoming 14th, Rain has been included in the top 3 of those having over 60% accuracy rate of 140 recruits who participated in the exercises, so he is likely to be a special warrior.

~ by Cloud USA on November 6, 2011.

11 Responses to “[article] Soldier check: JiHoon Jung (Rain) excels, is a first class marksman.”

  1. He scares me. He isn’t a normal human being, he is something else or he isn’t for this world. But really nobody can be this perfect. ( I mean in this world)


  2. Yesss!!! Rain is THE BEST at anything he puts his mind to!! So very proud of him!! Ehh, to those media people who like to talk bad about Rain… you better be careful cuz Rain can take you with a gun as easily as you can take him with a camera. Kekekeke BEWARE cuz he ain’t bluffing!! Gawd perfect score at night!! Geezz!!! Rain eagle eyes!! Good title for a movie don’t you think? 🙂


  3. very PROUD of rain he just making his point inspire what he at and doing but he make us PROUD for who he is and did amazing duty to improve. that right power of cloud so happy for him and so as he !!! 🙂
    GOOD JOB Rain 😎 keep it coming


  4. This should not surprize me. The man is such a perfectionist. I think he promised his mom he would make her proud of his military accomplishments.
    His shooting prowess is one more reason tho, not to make Ji Hoon Angry, iiiieeeeeahhh. 😉


  5. I am very proud and happy. Cheers for the champion!! 🙂


  6. As usual he is giving his anywhere he is!!!


  7. WOW so proud of HIM!!! he is truly a world star even in Military CAMP 🙂


  8. *impressed* so proud!!! ^^


  9. I am so happy for him that he is doing so well!!!!!!!!


  10. I bet they are feeding him really well, that’s why he can perform.


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