[past article] Rain’s mother talks about her son during his FanClub days.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

HUGE thanks to Cloud huhuhuhu of raincloud Hong Kong who translated and posted this article excerpt, which was published back during JiHoon’s FanClub days, on The Cloud English Talk Board today. Precious stuff. ♥



[magazine exerpt] Jihoon’s mother talked about her son.  

Korean to Chinese : lovebi_rain @ Rain Bar

Chinese to English: huhuhuhu

Source: Review Zone: FanClub Days @raincloudHK

Mom’s words:

“Jihoon does not look like the youngest in the group. He is more like a prudent gentleman.

Rather than his father, Jihoon is more like me. His has a straightforward character and that’s what people said about him. Although he is the youngest in the group, he is a very sensible elder brother at home. When he was younger he often quarreled with his only sister. However when she came home after being bullied, he would not spare her opponents. Our Jihoon has always been a good boy. He is very composed. He never retorted whenever I lectured him. But Jihoon picks on the food he wants to eat, so I am a bit worried… he almost did not eat kimchi and meat.

Because I have to look after the shop, I can’t take much care of him and I feel very guilty. I am not able to accompany him to TV programmes and look after him all the way like what other parents do for their children. I can’t even prepare delicious food for him, so I feel very guilty. When I first heard that he wanted to be a singer, I wasn’t really too surprised, although his father wanted him to study well and become a policeman or a civil servant in future. But if that’s what our child wants, there’s nothing we could do.

Jihoon is at his sensitive adolescence but he is not concerned about the opposite sex or smoking or drinking, so I am relaxed about this.

However, once you miss the opportunity to study it will not come back, so I hope he could make use of the spare time during his performing activities to study more…”

~ by Cloud USA on November 5, 2011.

13 Responses to “[past article] Rain’s mother talks about her son during his FanClub days.”

  1. is this BEAUTIFUL …!!
    she so pretty and Rain and his Papa so very HANDSOME !!
    i am happy that Rain have a MON like her who wanted to be their for him and understand his need and a very spoken Mother to him i very so sweet that Rain Mon very care of her Son and want him to be SUCCEED what ever he want to do and yet and i PROUD
    she have such a son that very make this WORLD bought to attention and attractive ENTERTAINMENT who also an HONOR to may thing in this world and to Many country too
    she is strong THAT HOW rain IS STRONG AND very Talent what he do a person that make everything for us to be please with him he is our Rain we love and his mother are to PROUD of him 🙂
    and he is very quine what he is rain is just totally beyoung this worlds and INSPIRATION indeed ….that he accomplish so many filed out their and a very heart person what a beautiful article here LOVE IT!1 *SNIF*


  2. I’m not a parent (unfortunately) but I can say I have a strong loving bond with my Mom and I can only wish it was that way for everyone, even though I know not for all. I do believe JiHoon’s mother is always “close” to him, he just can’t see her. There’s a saying “You can always tell a tree by the fruit it bares” so I say Mother Jung’s tree bore some mighty good fruit. There are so many proverbs and old sayings I could write down that many of you have heard, but the one that I heard all my life was “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” I do know a parent’s love is strong and even if you become a wayward teenager, somehow you’ll always come back to what Mom and Dad instilled in you from birth. Hopefully, the seeds sown within were loving and blessed. JiHoon had no choice but to turn out exactly they he has.


  3. Beautiful article. A mother’s love is such a blessing.

    @babyrain2504, I believe he has always had his Special Angel with him…there is no doubt she is as much proud of JiHoon as we are.


  4. Rain’s mother is beautiful and you can recognize their bond in how she talks about him. Must be very hard for him to live without her.


  5. this gives me the “skeevies”… all the tiny hairs on my face just stood on end and i don’t know why. thank you very much for sharing this! precious article indeed! i wish his mother lived to see his son’s glory days… if people like us who are not even related to rain by blood are exceedingly proud of him, i wonder what it would be like for his mom to experience this.. i just read that ji hoon is rank 3/98(?) in the army.. he really is special^^


    • Yes I felt the same!! Goosebumps all over!! Gahh Then I felt surprised cuz she was talking like I do when people ask me about my girls. I guess all mothers talk about their children like that no matter where they are in this world!!


  6. Wow!! She was really beautiful!! No wonder Rain is so handsome!!! This article is precious indeed, to get to know a little about this powerhouse of a woman is amazing! You have to be shaken by her strong spirit. I find amusing that no matter the place we come from, all women feel that somehow we failed as mothers. I guess is cuz we received our bundles of joy without any instructions of how to raise them!! Lol!! But we do our best and hope to do a good job. Rain’s mom did a magnificent job as a mother. Her kids are productive, intelligent, talented with strong family values and kind hearts. That’s all I want my kids to be and I’m sure she wanted the same for her kids. Mission Accomplished. Changing subject now, Gawd, Rain was such a beautiful boy!! How someone can say no to that adorable face is beyond me!!


    • Oh, I so agree, Mari!

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Yes, I totally agree with everything you said Mari! Also, I too feel it is an honor to read what she said about her amazing son! She was a beautiful and strong women who raised a beautiful, strong, amazing son!!! She did a terrific job!!


  7. This truly was an honor to read, thank you so very much.


  8. Wow what an honor to read words spoken from his mother. It almost brought tears to my eyes. She really wanted to be there for him in person but if she only knew or could know now muxh she is with him spiritually. What a gorgeous woman. Jihoon got great genes and a great strong heart from both his mother and father. It was lovely reading this.


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