[ETA 4] Wallpaper! Get your Rain calendar wallpaper for November!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*Edited to Add: 1280 x 1024. Official Japanese Cloud (J.Tune Camp Rain Japan). Thanks for this, Stephenine @Baidu!}

What I like most about this month, I think… is that we have such a variety of things. Adidas. Military. Fugitive. Rain’s Last of the Best. Enlistment. New sponsor Coupang… regardless of what you like in a Rain calendar, there is something for everybody, isn’t there? 🙂

{*Edited to Add: 1558 x 871. Courtesy of wawalalal.}

{*Edited to Add: 902 x 670. Courtesy of Rain Bi Love 2.}

{*Edited to Add: 1350 × 700.  Courtesy of wawalalal.}


As you can see, Cloud Cerine of the RAIN Fanart blog hit it out of the ballpark so well with one of her recruit JiHoon/Rain fan arts, I just had to use it for our calendar this month. I simply could not resist. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work, Cerine. 🙂

As of this posting, the November star wallpaper is up over on Lotte Duty Free, but there is none displayed for Rain. Hm. Okay.

Welcome to November, everyone! If any more calendar wallpaper happens to come down the pike, we’ll add it here for you. The official November wallpaper for the Japanese Cloud (J.Tune Camp Rain Japan official site) looks to be gorgeous and “Love Story”-ish, so if some kind Cloud soul manages to grab it (you must be a site member), please let us know. We’d love to post it. ^@@^


(1290 x 800. Cloud USA. See additional smaller sizes in the Gallery below. *NOTE: You can set it however you’d like, of course, but this is a specially sized wallpaper that looks better “centered” rather than “stretched.”)


(700 x 687. Courtesy of the rainstorm blog, Osaka.)


(1274 x 799. Courtesy of the Rain [eare] Blog, Japan. Smaller size in the Gallery below.)


(1024 x 768 calendar wallpaper. And 600 x 800 calendar poster. Courtesy of Cerine @RAIN Fanart blog.)


~ by Cloud USA on November 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “[ETA 4] Wallpaper! Get your Rain calendar wallpaper for November!”

  1. Amazing calendars`♥3♥´
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!


  2. !!Gracias !! están preciosos!! Calendar 3 ..is very funny!!


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