[CFs][caps] New Adidas commercial spots feature Rain and South Korea’s elite. Be all in!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Brand new brilliant Adidas CFs, featuring Rain and his colleagues—South Korea’s elite singers, actors, and athletes. And even his dancing hyungs, the Men Behind the Man! Well, you had to know that the Adidas clock on the alladidas site was counting down to something. 😀

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(All videos credited to: Adidas / adidasisallin @YT)

35sec. [adidas] rule the winter — bring the heat.

2 min. [adidas] rule the winter.

나는, 나에게 환호할 내일을 준비한다.

나는, 나에게 열광할 내일을 그려본다.

우리는 우리가 가진 모든 것을 던진다.
의심없이, 주저없이, 포기없이.
겨울, 더욱 뜨거워진 나를 만나러 간다.

(“Bring the Heat” CF and Adidas YouTube comments, loose translation by Stephe @Cloud USA) 

I can sing [through the day] tomorrow.

I can handle what comes tomorrow.

We give it everything we have.
Without a doubt, without hesitation, without giving up.
Winter, bring the heat.

(screen caps by Cloud USA)

SooBong!!! 😀 ♥ And they even put KyuSang’s back flip in there! Awesome!

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~ by Cloud USA on October 31, 2011.

4 Responses to “[CFs][caps] New Adidas commercial spots feature Rain and South Korea’s elite. Be all in!”

  1. Wow love the CF, so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rain look so young, fine, hot , and sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can watch him work out just as much as I can watch him do anything, LOL!!!!!!!


  2. You know I think its really cool how JiHoon put his boys in it so while he’s gone they will still get some money. Boo looked out for his peeps.


  3. Very cool CF. Rain (as always) looks so young and so fine. (smile)


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