A most hilarious (and cute) Cloud letter. :)

— Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

LOL! LMAO!! Thanks so much for posting this, Cloud Cuckoo. I wish I could have seen No. 2 Recruit’s face when he read that. (Remember everyone, our JiHoon Rain has earned the No. 1 Recruit spot in his squadron.) So cute. 😉

By the way, as we understand it… 161 of the 167 Cloud Letters on the official Cloud Fan Site have been sent on electronically to JiHoon at the Key Unit Cafe at Daum, at this time.


Haha…so funny…letter from Cloud

By: Cuckoo @The Cloud English Talk Board, 10/28/2011

Chinese to English translation: Cuckoo

I can’t find the original source link, will update later. Here is the original Chinese translation:

卡機馬門:偶棉鄭小葵。 CAFE信已經累計到1028封鳥。粗卡。加上韓飯給2號寫的2封信。算是1030封。最搞笑的是。韓飯說:”我們R的身材高大。腿也很長。。可能睡覺的時候多有冒犯。。如果傷到你,踢到你神馬的。。或者是侵犯到你的地盤。要多見諒。拜託忍到11月17號”。 2號收到信應該很莫​​名

English translated by Cuckoo below [and tweaked by Stephe ^@@^]:

The army Cafe has accumulated 1028 letters. Including the 2 letters which were sent by Cloud, total will become 1030. The most interesting one is a letter from one Korean Cloud to the No. 2 soldier (he who sleeps next to Rain in boot camp):

“Our Rain is big and tall, he also has one pair of long legs. Sorry for any inconvenience while you guys are sleeping. Also, if your space has been interfered with, please kindly understand. Please be patient till November 17th.”

Wonder how does No. 2 soldier react after he read the letter….

— Cuckoo

~ by Cloud USA on October 28, 2011.

13 Responses to “A most hilarious (and cute) Cloud letter. :)”

  1. JiHoon to nearest bunk mate…….”Dude, did you Really have to eat ALL the beans?”………………………..


  2. I am ready to change the place with this soldier.. I will not mind long legs.. or, long anything.. 🙂


  3. Lol love that! I know when I saw those pics of the platform deal someone posted on the net from a Korean barracks I was thinking that Ji Hoon would be so squished up in there since he’s so much bigger than most of them. Too funny… I also wish I could see soldier #2’s face.

    I’m loving all these reports from soldiers about how awesome our guy is. Everytime I read one I nod and say, “Of course!” to myself…lol.


  4. That’s Cloud Power in action!!! Kekeke I bet a chocolate cake that JiHoony is gonna laugh soo hard at this!! The poor guy is gonna said WDH? i saw a video from the place they sleep and it was a platform with like yoga-like mats but later I saw picts from the 5th batallion where he is, and they have little tiny beds but they are very close from each other. I am guessing that our Man is sleeping with his legs close to his chest cuz those beds are short! Poor baby! Bless him!


  5. !is difficult to send a letter to Army coffee? help me, I live far away I am from Uruguay and I would like to send my greetings to rain!


  6. Haha!that’s very thoughtful of her to write such a care letter to solider #2. I’ve been wondering who is he ever since he post letter about himself has been next to our JiHoon since day one? Because I think we would love to have him fill in more information about the handsome,humble huge star next to him everyday. don’t you!!
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful and yet warm letter about JiHoon who we have been missing dearly.


  7. Cute letter but one question. Do they sleep in the same bed?


    • Gee, I could be wrong (as each country is unique) but I would assume that they sleep in the same barracks (one big room) but they each have their own bed/cot/rack. That’s probably what the young recruit means when he says they “sleep next to” each other. His bed is probably right next to Bi’s bed. However, if a former Korean veteran wants to enlighten us, please do.


      • I must have misunderstood. The way the letter is written about sorry for the inconvenience of Rain’s long legs and big everything. (Opps, there goes my imagination, lmao) anyway the way it was said I can’t see where sleeping in a separate bed would be an inconvenience to anyone. thanks for answering my curousity.


        • Hey, Gee. 🙂 Howya doing?

          It might be that they are all on one long raised platform that runs along the entire room, though they each have their separate pallets to sleep on/in. Or like BiA said, there could be individual cots or bunks. Just depends. But one thing’s for sure — they are all sleeping THISCLOSETOGETHER, with no room for error. My goodness!

          Stephe ^@@^


  8. I don’t know about the #2 soldier reaction but I can tell you that our Hoonie will crack up laughing ;p


  9. hahaha!!


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