[quickie][fan cam] “Nan” at Rain’s Last of the Best.

— ^@@^ 111009 영동대로 한류페스티벌 난. (courtesy of raintic @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on October 23, 2011.

4 Responses to “[quickie][fan cam] “Nan” at Rain’s Last of the Best.”

  1. Nan is also my favorite performance


  2. Nan is my favorite performance ever esp how he move and strip his and rip that short none other guy and men do like him serious they should took at advise ahahahah rain tore women & guy up every time he did did the POWER of his sexcious he so sexy in that Nan i discover 😛
    the move of his body u can keep on watch them for hour and hour
    that WHITE shirt on him make Rain more SEDUCE awawawwa


  3. Thanks for posting this performance. This is one performance I will never grow tired of watching, I love it so much. I swear Rain should open up a school and teach other men how to strip the hot sexy way, LOL!!!!


  4. Thanks for sharing!! my favorite song^^


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